Happy Birthday, Ringo Starr!

Ringo on drums

Former Beatles’ Drummer Ringo Starr celebrates his Birthday today, July 7th (having been born in 1940). He will not be signing any autographs. A lot people know that Ringo met his current wife, Barbara Bach, while they were filming the 1981 movie Caveman (which I actually saw in the theater back in the Stone Age). But if you really want to see Starr pretend to act, you simply must see him in the role of Youngman Grand alongside the great Peter Sellers in The Magic Christian, which is just beyond brilliant. Great soundtrack by the band Badfinger as well! Happy Birthday, Ringo!

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  1. Just curious where you got the picture. (the autographed one) .. Was it from a movie .. or a certain concert?

    1. Hey Mike – that autographed still of Ringo playing drums is from the Movie, HELP! from 1965. I just pulled it off the Interwebs. — G

  2. Ringo.. ya bleedin’ fool… happy birthday. Thanks for helping to change the world.

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