Rocks Off Concert Cruise, A Very Fun Time!

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If you like to drink, rock and be on a boat, I know an activity that you would really enjoy, and that activity is going out on a Rocks Off Concert Cruise. Oh my god, it is possibly the most fun thing that I think you can do on a summer night in New York City. The Rocks Off Concert Cruise happens a few evenings each week on a massive boat called the Temptress, and costs between $20 and $40; depending I guess on which band is playing. There is room to party and more on this awesome ship, which features a roomy upper outside deck, smaller lower deck, and a massive inside covered space that includes several bars, tables to hang at, a stage and dance floor area. Each cruise has a featured and opening act, and last night my friend Heather and I were invited by the good folks at Another Reybee Production to enjoy the rocking fun sounds of the bands Les Sans Culottes and the fantastic Electric Six, famous for their awesome songs “Danger! High Voltage!” and the iconic “Gay Bar.” Party on a boat!

Les Sans Culottes (which I believe loosely translates to “Men Without Pants”) are a seriously fun rock band that sings all in French, even though they are from Brooklyn. They played for over an hour and everybody just lost their minds with all of the fun having that was going on. After a short break, Electric Six started a nuclear war on the dance floor and the crowd went wild again. Heather remarked that many revelers in the crowd knew the words to all of the Electric Six’s songs, so you know this was a group dedicated to partying. Highlights of their hour-plus set included “Danger! High Voltage!,” “Gay Bar” and an authentic-sounding cover of an INXS song that I’ve forgotten the name of because I was drunk. During the three hours it takes to sail from Pier 81 (at 41st Street and the West Side Highway) to the Statue of Liberty and back again, whether you want to drink yourself into a stupor, dance and rock, or just hang out on the deck and enjoy the beautiful, glittering sights of Manhattan and Jersey at night, it would be nearly impossible not to enjoy yourself to a degree that should be illegal. Other than the fact that the inside of the boat smelled like a petting zoo by the time we docked, I have zero complaints about the Rocks Off Concert Cruise. Heather and I give this event two thumbs up!

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