Happy Birthday, John Lydon!

John Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten) singer for the Sex Pistols and Public Image was born on this day, January 31st, in 1956. My friend Rey once told me a story of how he, as a journalist, had attempted to conduct an interview with Lydon during the days of Public Image. It didn’t go so well. Each time Rey asked a question, rather than answer, Lydon would just repeat that question back to him in a mocking voice. Rey told me that he got up and left the room several times in an attempt to terminate the interview, but the publicist insisted he continue and promised that Lydon would behave from then on. Eventually he gave up and wrote the article about what an asshole John Lydon was. Because Rey is awesome. I love that story. Happy Birthday, John!

0 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, John Lydon!

  1. Brilliant!! Gail, how would you have handled it?

    Jonathan: While I like to think I would have acted/reacted in a similar fashion to Rey, it is difficult to speculate, even with hindsight. — G


  2. Ah, Johnny…One of the most amusing things I ever saw him on was “Judge Judy.” She put him in his place when he got snarky. Who’da thunk that Judge Judy could curtail the antics of Johnny “Rotten” Lydon!!


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