Eye On Design: Paul Newman Rolex Coffee Table

paul newman rolex coffee table photo by gail worley
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An homage to the most iconic watch ever made, this coffee table clock is a supersized version of legendary actor Paul Newman’s Rolex Daytona, and was created by craftsman Pedro Costa.

paul newman rolex coffee table photo by gail worley

Newman’s watch was a gift from him wife, actress Joanne Woodward, and he later gifted it to his daughter’s boyfriend. The Rolex Daytona became known as the “Paul Newman” in the 1980s because he was always seen wearing it.  In 2017, his watch sold for $15.5 million, making it the most expensive watch ever auctioned and cementing it as the Holy Grail among  watch collectors.

paul newman rolex watch detail photo by gail worley

A long-time antiques collector, Timothy Oulton was fascinated by the story of Newman’s watch. When Tim met Pedro Costa, he was captivated by the supersized timepiece sculptures that Pedro and his team create at the Costa Design workshop in Bogota, Columbia, and commissioned this special piece exclusively for the Timothy Oulton Broadway gallery.

paul newman rolex coffee table photo by gail worley

Every single detail of the watch is replicated as a work  of art. The artisanal process involves hundreds of steps with the aid of some heavy-duty machinery that is exclusively used to cut, mold and fabricate the components to make the case and the movements, literally supersizing the watch. The remainder of the steps are all done by hand, taking between two to six months to complete a single coffee table. The table is equipped with a hybrid, electro-mechanical movement developed by the UK’s finest clockmaker, Sinclair Harding.

paul newman wearing rolex watch
Paul Newman Wearing His Daytona Rolex 

paul newman daytona rolex watch photo by gail worley
Actual Daytona Rolex on Loan to the Academy Museum in Los Angeles

paul newman rolex coffee table photo by gail wotley
Installation View

The Paul Newman Rolex Coffee Table is Available in a Limited Edition from the Timothy Oulton Gallery, Located in the Flatiron District at 901 Broadway, New York, NY 10003. Pricing Upon Request.

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