Disney-Inspired Alice In Wonderland Tattoo

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I can’t think of a more effective walking advertisement for the considerable talents of tattoo artist Holly Azzara than this amazingly detailed Alice in Wonderland tatt, which tells the complete story – including every character – on the back and full sleeves of this unidentified lady. I have no idea how many hours this piece took to complete but I’m sure the customer thinks it was worth it. This is truly a piece of living art.

Thanks to Neatorama for the Tip!


3 thoughts on “Disney-Inspired Alice In Wonderland Tattoo”

  1. Thats craaaazy ink!

    Did you see / how do you feel about the new remake? I’m skipping it, personally. I’d rather see Shutter Island.

    — Nick: I’m going to see it, just because I can’t not see it. — G

  2. That is some seriously intense tattooing. It’s beautiful, but it had to hurt like hell.

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