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Pink Thing of The Day: Chewie Bubacca By Michael Morse

chewbacca toy photo by gail worley
Photo By Gail

Star Wars Fans: If you’ve ever wondered, “What if Chewbacca was made of Bubblegum?” then this fun and very Pink bootleg art toy by Michael Morse is for you. Chewie Bubacca (seen here being chewed by Han Solo himself) was spotted by me at Five Points Festival and may still be available in limited edition colorway of baby pink or hot pink (just in time for a Barbie tie-in!) Contact Michael on Instagram for details!

The Artistic Side of Video Game Design: A Deep Dive

video game screens
Image Source

In an era where digital realms and reality often intertwine, video games stand at the intersection, uniting art and technology in a symphony of interactive storytelling. The allure of video games goes beyond the thrill of gameplay; it’s about immersion into crafted worlds, connecting with unique characters, and being part of riveting narratives. A prime example is FanDuel’s BlackJack, a game that skillfully marries the excitement of traditional casino gaming with the convenience of digital technology.
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A Step By Step Process For Creating Great Works Of Fiction

Black and Red TypewriterPhoto By Suzy Hazelwood

Creating a great work of fiction is no easy feat. It takes dedication, creativity, and hard work to craft engaging stories that captivate audiences. Whether you’re a beginning author, or an experienced one looking to refine your craft, it’s never too late to learn the step by step procedure for crafting great works of fiction. 

In this post, we’ll provide an overview of the process, from developing characters to giving readers closure. We’ll offer tips on how to plot a story, craft believable dialogue, and much more. Through this process, you’ll be able to hone your editing and writing skills to perfect your craft and create works that will draw your readers in. Or you can simply find fiction editors for hire who may assist with their years of experience.
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Instagram Photo of The Week: Jack Skellington on a Brownstone

It’s always fun when Halloween falls on a Monday. This means that on both the Saturday and Sunday of the weekend just prior, Halloween enthusiasts are out everywhere in the city;  swarming the sidewalks and lurking in the subways, traveling to bars, parties, parades and other holiday-specific events. In a city famous for people-watching, it makes for people-watching at its finest. You know who else really gets into  the spirit of Halloween? Rich people who own brownstones. This multi-story screen print of Jack Skellington was spotted on the façade of a brownstone on East 91st Street near the park. The car parked curbside, sadly, obscures the other Nightmare Before Christmas characters, of  which the Oogie Boogie was particularly impressive. Happy Halloween, Everyone!

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Flame Con 2022: The Photo Recap!

elf girls photo by gail worley
All Photos By Gail

As a grown woman who sometimes still feels the sting of decades-past adolescent bullying and ostracism, I will never discount the importance of feeling included. Living in NYC, however,  I feel comfortable embracing my inner nerd goddess without fear of judgement — and if you don’t like me, seriously, you can fuck right off.  I get to attend and cover a lot of fun events for this website, but my very favorite pop culture convention is Flame Con: the largest LGBTQ comic convention in the world. At Flame Con, trust me, nothing is shocking and even a straight geek like me feels that she has found her tribe.
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