RIP Legendary Rock Photographer Jim Marshall

Jim Marshall’s Most Famous Shot: Johnny Cash at San Quentin Prison, 1969 (Image Source)

From Brooklyn Vegan

Legendary rock and roll photographer Jim Marshall died in his sleep Tuesday night (March 23rd). He was 74. Marshall is best known for his iconic shots of Jimi Hendrix burning his guitar at Monterey Pop, The Who greeting the sunrise at Woodstock and Johnny Cash flipping the bird at San Quentin. He was chief photographer at Woodstock and was the only photographer allowed backstage at The Beatles’ final concert. Marshall had a special affinity with rock and roll artists, as he said himself, “I see the music.”

Jim Marshall had just published Match Prints (a new book by Marshall and fellow photographer Timothy White) and was due to appear at a media event for the book last night at fashion designer John Varvatos’ Spring Street store in New York City. Rip Jim.

Janis Joplin By Jim Marshall (Image Source)

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  1. Jim Marshall will forever be remembered as one of the most accomplished band photographers ever. Nobody can go back and beat him at what he perfected, he will always be that great. But others will strive to be as good and possibly even better than him and thats most likely one of the most important things Jim would want. Young photographers like myslef, unite and work towards perfection and making this prodigy proud of us, even if it may seem virtually impossible. RIP Jim, you’ll live on forever in the hearts of young photographers around the world.

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