Yes It Exists: Lady Gaga Bubble Dress Plush Doll

Now that I have seen this Lady Gaga Bubble Dress Plush, I have really seen everything. Besides the crazy-ass bubble dress that Gaga wore on her first Rolling Stone magazine cover, the doll also comes dressed in copies of other famous outfits worn by the world’s most outrageously hyped-up-the-ass pop star. If you read Portuguese you can get more details – and perhaps even purchasing information – at Katkiller Dot Com.

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  1. There are those who may not adore her, but I believe she has some real talent as a writer and performer. Don’t believe me? Take a peek at the Youtube video of her doing “Poker Face” with just the piano.

  2. I have absolute admiration for Lady Gaga (icky meat dress notwithstanding…). She is incredibly bright, doing good things in the world with her “Born This Way Foundation,” she is articulate, forthright and confident without being an obnoxious brat. I remember what Madonna was like at age 25, and Gaga has her beat by leaps and bounds. She’s the real deal.

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