Brick by Brick: The LEGO Brick Sculpture of Nathan Sawaya

“Swimmer” By Nathan Sawaya

As I said in a status update posted to my FaceBook page earlier today, a Good Friday is any Friday that I don’t have to go in to the office! Good Friday! Today I celebrated Jesus dieing for my sins by going with Geoffrey to see some rad LEGO art on exhibit over at the Agora Gallery in Chelsea. As the title would suggest, Brick by Brick: the LEGO Brick sculpture of Nathan Sawaya features over a dozen amazing sculptures created from tiny LEGO bricks, and marks the first solo exhibition comprised entirely of LEGO bricks in New York.


While Sawaya’s work is provocative and often quite dark – particularly a couple of sculptures depicting human figures kneeling over disintegrated or missing limbs – today the Agora Gallery was packed with families toting young children. I think that the nature of the medium used for these brightly colored, monochromatic works prevents them from being anything that kids shouldn’t see. You can view pictures of most of the exhibited works at this link, though the pictures fail to do them justice, as they are quite stunning. Admission is free, but only ten people are allowed into gallery at one time. So you may  have to wait a few minutes before they let you in, but trust me; it’s worth it. Geoffrey’s blog post on the exhibit, with lots more cool pictures taken with his hand, is now up at this link.


The Agora Gallery is located at 530 West 25th Street (East of 11th Avenue) and the exhibit runs Tuesday – Saturday, 11am – 6pm through April 13th.

The Artist Poses with His LEGO Sculpture, “Gray”


22 thoughts on “Brick by Brick: The LEGO Brick Sculpture of Nathan Sawaya

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  2. This is awesome. One doesn’t have to be a Lego fan like me to appreciate this. I still have my Legos that I got for my 6th birthday.


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