It’s a Green Thing: "Bobble" Reusable Filtered Personal Water Bottle!

The Bobble: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

People who know me know that I am all about saving the Earth. I once wrote an article – and this was way, way back in the day before recycling was mandatory in NYC or anyone was talking about Global Warming or going “Green” or whatever – called “Save The Earth, Or Go Somewhere Else.” The article was highly controversial for its time, because I recommended that people do rad things like practice responsible family planning (Octomom, ugh. Gross), since disposable diapers are polluting the soil, and bringing their own coffee mugs to work in order to cut down on the wasteful use of disposable cups. Crazy! These days, I will lose my shit on tree-killers who throw clean, used copy paper in the regular trash instead of the recycling bin, because that is how much I love the Earth. And don’t even get me started on the shortsighted airheads who insist on ordering disposable bottles of drinking water by the cartons because they are too clueless and lazy to refill a reusable bottle. Those people frustrate me so much! Arrgh!

Fortunately, thank god, people are finally starting to grow some brain cells of consciousness about how bad for our environment disposal water bottles are when they end up in landfills and not in the appropriate recycling container. One company aiming to at least lower if not eliminate the use of disposable plastic water bottles is Bobble, which has introduced a line of individually filtered, refillable water bottles!  It’s like owning a personal sized Brita filter to carry around with you – healthy, economical, ecologically responsible and darn if they don’t look snazzy as well! There is no reason not to own one of these Bobble things. The Bobble comes in all kinds of cool colors (mine is hot Pink, naturally) and you can buy one now online for just $9.95. Save the Earth! Or go somewhere else!

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