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Gail In Print: Modern Drummer, September 2006

md september 2006
Not Bobcat Goldthwaite

Dave Lombardo of Slayer is looking very much like comedian Bobcat Goldthwaite on the cover of the September 2006 issue of Modern Drummer Magazine. Inside, on page 150 and continuing for seven glorious, glossy pages you will find my current masterpiece: an in-depth interview with the extraordinary Ray Luzier.

Best known for his nine years as the drummer for wild man David Lee Roth, Ray’s touring and studio experience is as vast as his reputation as an expert a drum clinician is strong. Ray is currently rocking the world as part of LA’s latest Supergroup, Army of Anyone, which also features brothers Robert and Dean Deleo (ex-Stone Temple Pilots) and vocalist Richard Patrick from Filter. I’ve known Ray for years now and I can honestly say that this is not only the best showcase piece on Ray’s talents ever written, but it’s also among my best work for Modern Drummer. The article also features my side bar with studio legend, producer Bob Ezrin. Exciting!

This piece is not online and can only be found on newsstands when the September MD hits the stores in the first week of August. Please check it out.

“Drummers are the martial artists and fire jugglers of music and should be treated with respect.”

— Carl King

Steven Gillis, Drummer, Filter

I had a great interview with Gail for Modern Drummer and it was obvious to me she came prepared. She asked specific questions about the songs and my playing on the latest Filter record, The Amalgamut, and seemed genuinely interested in my background as a musician. I could really sense she had a little extra enthusiasm for getting a great interview. I can't wait for the next one!

Matt Walker, Drummer, Morrissey, Filter, Smashing Pumpkins, Cupcakes, Garbage

It’s an amazing thing when an interview becomes a conversation, especially one where ideas are exchanged and the subject opens up to reveal aspects of the music that were either unintended or unconscious. In my Modern Drummer interview with Gail Worley, I discovered a new appreciation for my own work, and also that maybe all the subtleties I thought would probably go unnoticed actually had an impact on the listener. Her interview was like a getting a much needed second wind in the middle of a long set.