The Who Open For Herman’s Hermits

On This Date, July 14th in 1967: The Who kicked off their first large scale U.S. tour at the Memorial Coliseum in Portland, Oregon as the opening act for Herman’s Hermits.

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  1. Can you imagine being a booper there to see ‘erman’s ‘ermits?
    All that fab destruction! Wish I was there, but it was two weeks before I made my debut on this orb. 😉

  2. This was my very first rock concert! I was 12 years old and when I tell people that The Who were the lead band, they tell me i must be crazy. It was a great show, and the thing I remember the most, other than drooling over and falling in love with my first idol, was how much the girls in the audience kept screaming.

  3. The first concert I ever attended was at Dallas Memorial Auditorium stop of the 1967 tour.

    The Blues Magoos played first, followed by The Who, with the Hermits playing last (obviously, since they had the lead billing).

    I was 15 at them time – my mom had to drive me and my date to the concert hall.

    It might be an understatement to say that Herman’s Hermits was slightly upstaged by The Who…

    (It was the only time I ever saw The Who perform in concert)

  4. All this time I thought I must be nuts, but I was pretty sure the Who had opened for Herman’s Hermits. I saw them at the Rochester War Memorial in Rochester NY in 1967.

    1. I was there too. My first concert. The Blues Magoos wore neon blue lights in their clothing, turned auditorium lights off for a psychedelic effect. Life is a cher of bowlies.

      Who came out with Happy Jack album, Cobwebs and Strange, Boris the Spider, etc. Keith Moon blew me away. I was a young drummer and was spellbound.

      Hermans Hermits could not hope to follow such a performance. The moment I heard “Mrs. Brown,” the stage was rushed by at least 50 teenage girls, looked staged to me to give them a graceful exit.

      I actually went to see Hermans Hermits, not knowing Blues Magoos or Who. Didnt see but a few seconds of HH, but was in no way disappointed.

  5. I’m going to see The Who Friday night with a friend that I went to the Hermin’s Hermits concert in Winnipeg in 1967. The Who upstaged the Hermin’s Hermits, who ran out of original material and ended their act with a Beatles tune. Friday will be the 5th time seeing them. I hope they don’t disappoint.

  6. I went to the Houston show in ’67. I was 13 and the only reason I went was because my “country” cousins wanted to see Herman’s Hermits. I had never heard of The Who and, needless to say, I was completely blown away! I’ve been a rock chick ever since!

  7. I was 13 when I saw The Who open for Hermans Hermits in 1967 at the Rhode Island Auditorium. I lived in CT and had been grounded but ran away from home and hopped a train to see the Who, my favorite band. It changed my life! The Electric Prunes opened the show and had worn electric lighted costumes. Of course The Who stole the show and the crowd rushed the stage as soon as they started playing.

  8. I was at the concert in Dallas with the Blues Magoos, the Who and Herman’s Hermits. The Blues Magoos were wonderful. They were wearing suits that had lights on them and they had their own little light show going on. Fun start to the concert, but to say the Who upstaged everybody was a huge understatement. This was back when they were destroying their equipment at the end of their set. I’d never seen anything like it. Smashing guitars on the stage and running other guitars through the speakers. I was hooked. Got to see them several times after that, each one awesome, but ahhh that first concert. Wow!

  9. I saw that same tour here in Atlanta, GA: Who, Blues Magoos, Hermits. The Blues Magoos followed the Who. After the Explosive (literally) Whos performance, the Magoos were booed off the stage. From what I understand this resulted in their follow up album, “Never Going Back To Georgia.”

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