Skellington Skull & Crossbones Decanter

skull and crossbones decanter and glasses

As they say, ‘Choose Yer Poison.” If you plan on getting dead drunk, what better way to accomplish the task than with your favorite spirit decanted from this gorgeous, high quality glass vessel, hand-etched with the always fashionable Skull & Crossbones design made famous by pirates everywhere? I’m in!

I dare say this might even make a nice Goth Wedding gift, if you have one of those on your social calendar – and at only $69.95, it won’t break the bank. Decanter is available from the Neato Shop, with matching glasses, at $19.95 each, sold separately. Sadly these items were discounted since this post was first written.

halloween table top display photo by gail worley

Update September 12th, 2020: I saw this decanter in a gift shop in Brooklyn (see above photo), so you an evidently still find it around! Cheers!

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