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Eye On Design: Engraved Whiskey Decanter Circa 1867

engraved whiskey decanter photo by gail worley
Photos By Gail

Richly-colored blown glass in the Bohemian taste, ornamented with cutting and engraving, attracted the American public beginning in the mid-nineteenth century. This whiskey decanter (from the Boston and Sandwich Glass Company), in a shape typical of the 1860s and 1870s, is distinguished by its brilliant faceting and detailed depiction of fruit, revealing the skill of the engraver, George Franklin Lapham . As a testament to its quality, Lapham signed and dated the work.

Photographed in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC.

engraved whiskey decanter photo by gail worley

Casa Noble Tequila Tasting with Carlos Santana

Casa Noble Flyer with Carlos

As someone who has literally grown up hearing Carlos Santana’s music since I was a small child, it is exciting to see him continually harvesting personal and financial success through diversification into projects that transcend the scope of music. Carlos’s latest endeavor is a partnership with the respected Tequila brand, Casa Noble, a company on whose board he now sits as a part owner.

Carlos Santana Speaks
Carlos Santana Speaks to Guests at the Casa Noble Tequila tasting at Midtown’s Core Club (Photo By Anne Raso)

Regarding the partnership, Carlos explained that he and the company share many core values. “Passion, dedication and integrity is what attached me to Casa Noble Tequila,” he said, adding, “I feel at home.” Santana also revealed that Casa Noble and his family have the same origins; with roots dating to the 1700s in Jalisco, Mexico. “When I visited the distillery,” said Santana, “I immediately felt spiritually connected to the [CEO, Jose] Hermosillo family and Casa Noble. Together we celebrate the gift of life and all of the blessings that come with it. Together we can all make a difference in the world.”

Casa Noble Tequila Bottle Display

Last evening, Casa Noble and CEO Jose “Pepe” Hermosillo held a private tasting event at midtown’s Core Club to formally introduce Carlos’s alignment with and contribution to the brand, and to taste some delicious, triple distilled Tequila.

Casa Noble Tequila Flyer

Three varieties were featured at the Core Club reception: Crystal (the Casa Noble version of the clear Silver or Blanco tequila variety), Reposada and Anejo. I must say that the deep amber Anejo variety scored as a favorite with the guests, owing to its butterscotch, vanilla and chocolate notes and an almost brandy-like essence. In a word: Smooth!

All Casa Noble Tequilas come in beautiful, hand-blown glass decanters and are certainly Tequilas that anyone would be proud to serve or give as gifts to your finest friends and guests.

Read more about the Casa Noble brand and its partnership with Carlos Santana at This Link.

Tiny Bottles of Casa Noble Tequila
Tiny Bottles of Casa Noble Tequila Were Given to Guests to Take Home

Zombie Head Decanter

Zombie Head Decanter and Glass

Seriously, you can get wasted just looking at this thing!

Zombie Head Decanter Features!

  • Decanter shaped like a Zombie’s Head
  • Glass Vessel with Cork Stopper
  • Size (capacity): 27 oz / 800 ml
  • Measures 4″ x 7-1/2″ x 5″

Sale Priced at just $19.95, Visit This Link to purchase!

Zombie Head Beverage Decanter

Skellington Skull & Crossbones Decanter

skull and crossbones decanter and glasses

As they say, ‘Choose Yer Poison.” If you plan on getting dead drunk, what better way to accomplish the task than with your favorite spirit decanted from this gorgeous, high quality glass vessel, hand-etched with the always fashionable Skull & Crossbones design made famous by pirates everywhere? I’m in!

I dare say this might even make a nice Goth Wedding gift, if you have one of those on your social calendar – and at only $69.95, it won’t break the bank. Decanter is available from the Neato Shop, with matching glasses, at $19.95 each, sold separately. Sadly these items were discounted since this post was first written.

halloween table top display photo by gail worley

Update September 12th, 2020: I saw this decanter in a gift shop in Brooklyn (see above photo), so you an evidently still find it around! Cheers!