Gail’s List of the Top Ten Sexiest Men of 2010!

Thanks to Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s starring role in the current blockbuster hit, Inception, my Sexiest Men of 2008 list has been wrangling in the site traffic in huge numbers! S-E-O! This reminded me, of course, that I had somehow managed to completely overlook compiling a list for 2009, and I certainly do have a new flock of  sexy guys that I need to talk about. Let’s see what kind of traffic I can draw with this random  mix of hotness.


Alexander Skarsgard
If you enjoy watching TV shows that feature hot guys who get naked just as a matter of course during each episode, then you are probably a fan of HBO’s True Blood. In this modern, gothic soap opera that makes Dark Shadows look like a Jane Austin novel, there is really never a shortage of hot man candy to ogle. Whether you dig Sam Merlotte, the shape-shifting barkeeper; Jason Stackhouse, the brainless, horny mortal; or everyone’s favorite werewolf-with-a-heart-of gold, Alcide, good looking guys are getting naked at a pretty steady clip. HBO! But no one yanks my chain quite like the revenge-seeking vampire Viking prince, Eric Northman, as portrayed by the uber smokin’ Alexander Skarsgard. As they say down south, “Mama like.”

Rusell Brand

Russell Brand
Funny guys with drug habits are sexy. British comedian/actor Russell Brand may be clean and sober and engaged (three strikes), but I’d still do it just to cross him off my list.

Johnny Weir
Gay, straight, whatever. Figure skating champion Johnny Weir is the most beautiful man on the planet. I could look at him until myheart explodess. Have you seen his Sundance Channel TV series, Be Good Johnny Weir? It’s amazing. I love him

Demetri Martin
If you have not seen Demetri Martin’s brilliant Comedy Centeral show, Important Things with Demetri Martin, then I feel sorry for all of the hilarious sexiness you are missing out on. Demetri also has very sexy hair.

Vincent Kartheiser
Vincent Kartheiser
plays advertising dweeb Pete Campbell on the best show on television,  Mad Men. I’m still not sure after four seasons if I even like his character (he seems terribly insincere to me) but wash all that Brylcreem out of his hair and Vincent Kartheiser, despite the fact that he looks like he is only about 14 years old, is hot stuff.

Noel Fielding
My friend Ivy says “Comedians are the new Rock Stars!” and I don’t disagree. Noel Fielding is one half of the British comedy team, The Mighty Boosh. He makes me insane.

Susur Lee
Two words: Celebrity Chef. A man who can make delicious foods for me at amazing restaurants like Shang and entertain me on Top Chef Masters is the definition of sexy.

Michael T. Weiss
When I was in California last Christmas, I met a woman at my parents’ church who looked exactly like that character Mimi from the Drew Carey Show. After speaking with her for, oh, maybe five minutes I realized that she was completely batshit insane. But I can’t completely regret the torture of being trapped in conversation with her, because she did turn me on to DVDs of the late 90’s TV series, The Pretender, starring Michael T. Weiss, who is just criminally handsome.

Paul Rudd
If Paul Rudd were single and in love with me, he would, I believe, be the perfect man.

Owen Wilson
I can’t help but have a thing for any guy who looks like he’s taken a punch in the face and yet can still manage to make me swoon.

How about you, Dear Readers; who do you think is sexy?

10 thoughts on “Gail’s List of the Top Ten Sexiest Men of 2010!”

  1. How Owen Wilson made your list over James Franco is beyond say and based on this list, clearly you’ve never laid eyes on the drummer for Stornoway. Swoon! Alexander Skarsgard is the only reason to watch “True Blood.” Hotness.

  2. You’ve made some interesting and diverse choices Worley. I absolutely agree with numero uno. Mmmm…yummy, he can take a bite out of me anytime. But Russell Brand, eh. He used to be hot but since he started dating Katy Perry, he’s looking more and more fake to me.

  3. Far be it from me to debate “sexy” with anyone, although I am missing the inked-up, young rocker boys here. Honorable mentions?

  4. Noel Fielding and Johnny Weir in the same list?? GET OUT OF MY BRAIN! I thought I was the only one. Could not agree more with comments related to both. ;D

  5. I had coffee yesterday with an amazing-looking woman here in town, just south of Cocoa Beach. (Barbie at 42 with awesome bolt-ons!) During our conversation she handed me a gift. It was a sterling silver, penis-shaped necklace charm. She confessed that she gave it to me because I’m gay. Uh, but I’m not. It’s just that everything I own is pink and I’m comfortable enough with my own masculinity and hetero-ness that I can openly talk about hot guys. Having said that, here we go…

    Russell Brand – Absolutely. I get it. But the Katy Perry “thing” is creepy, primarily because I think she’s a dude.

    Paul Rudd – Right again. I’ve thought this for years.

    Noel Fielding – I don’t know this guy but he looks like he could have shot-up with Keith in ’72. Rock on!

    Owen Wilson – You lost me here, Gail. Owen is SO 2004. And that phoney Black Sabbath jersery he’s wearing definitely entitles him to be punched on the other side of his head. You know that ain’t his shirt, and frankly I doubt he could name you more than two of their songs or a band member other than, well you know.

    Over all nice list. Well done. I was thinking about compiling a “Hot Chick” list but I haven’t really been turned on by any since Carly Simon (circa ’72) and maybe the Barbie from Starbucks yesterday with the amazing bolt-ons!

  6. You’re wicked, I’m here all by myself laughing like a fool with your hilarious comments 😀 ! Have to say 2008 list had class! Bring back G.G. Bernal, J. Bardem and Dhani (isn’t he gorgeous = George it’s crazy??!!!) ! Russell Brand and Noel Fielding are mad funny, that’s why they’re so sexy (the year they appeared on one of the The Big Fat Quiz of the Year, absolutely hilarious!!) . Vincent Kartheiser is really beautiful, wow (he’s kinda silly and annoying on Mad Man, lol, love the show. You forget to include Jon Hamm, what a piece of real man!)

  7. No list of Gail’s Sexiest Men should be free of the obligatory “Freddie Mercury circa ’74-’75.” That’s just wrong any way you slice it!

    I agree that Owen Wilson ended the list with a thud rather than a bang. Maybe he was sexy pre-suicide attempt; now he’s just sad. Can’t you swap him out for, say, Johnny Depp?

    For me, the hottest man on this list is Noel Fielding. True, he’s the only one on the list who I have been hugged and kissed by, but I am willing to sample any of the others for the purpose of science.

  8. I love Vincent. I loved him back when he was in Indian in the Cupboard and Alaska. And I love him on Mad Men.

    I also love Johnny Weir!!

    GREAT LIST!!! Nice to see someone else who appreciates REAL people, not the normal, you know, Brad Pitt, Chance Crawford, blablablabla

    Love Paul Rudd too. I would add Robert Downey Jr. To the list. 🙂

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