Happy 61st Birthday, Gene Simmons!

Mysteriously: Still Gets Women

Kiss bassist Gene Simmon$ celebrates his 61st Birthday (8/25) today with Virgin sacrifices and rolling around in big piles of cash.

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  1. No mystery whatsoever. There’s something to be said for a man who possesses a high I.Q., doesn’t smoke, get drunk or use drugs, and who doesn’t incorporate the words “bitch,” “whore” and “c*nt” into his vocabulary when referring to women.

    Happy birthday, Gene, you hot piece of ass, and thank you for showing the world that 60 is the new 20. ROCK ON! xoxo

  2. Gene Simmons tried to finger my fiance’ in a hotel bar back in 1983. When I confronted him about it (with my woman still perched on his lap) he threatened to kick my ass. OH HERO, MY HERO! Happy birthday, Demon.

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