Billy Idol Turns 55!

Favorite Billy Idol Solo Song

The Worley Gig would like to wish a Happy Birthday to Billy Idol, who celebrates 55 years on the planet today. This is my favorite quote anyone ever said to me, during an interview, about Billy Idol:

“Our first gig on this tour was playing in Austin after Billy Idol. If I said to people back home [in London] that we’d just done a gig with Billy Idol, they’d be laughing their heads off. Over here it’s, like ,2,000 people pumping their fists in the air and loving it. I actually really enjoyed it. He’s still got it going on.”

 — Johnny Morgan drummer for Brtish Rock Band Moke (circa 2001)

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  1. Bill Idol! That made me want to dance with myself after attending a white wedding where flesh was for fantasy and everyone let out a rebel yell on a blue highway.

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