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The Billy Idol Intersection

William and Broad Streets
All Photos By Gail

It’s entirely possible that you’ve lived your entire life without knowing that British Punk Rock Icon Billy Idol’s real name is William Broad. It is not exactly common knowledge. Similarly, I’ve worked in NYC’s Financial District for a decade without the knowledge that, just a few blocks from my day job, there is an intersection of the streets William and Broad, thus creating the unofficial Billy Idol Intersection!

Intersection William and Broad
Billy Idol Intersection, Southeast Corner

Lyrics of The Day: “Elvis Is Everywhere” By Mojo Nixon

Elvis at Stonehenge
Elvis is everywhere
Elvis is everything
Elvis is everybody
Elvis is still the king

Man o man
What I want you to see
Is that the big E’s
Inside of you and me

Elvis is everywhere, man!
He’s in everything.
He’s in everybody…

Elvis is in your jeans.
He’s in your cheesburgers
Elvis is in Nutty Buddies!
Elvis is in your mom!

He’s in everybody.
He’s in the young, the old,
the fat, the skinny,
the white, the black
the brown and the blue
people got Elvis in ’em too

Elvis is in everybody out there.
Everybody’s got Elvis in them!
Everybody except one person that is…
Yeah, one person!
The evil opposite of Elvis.
The Anti-Elvis

Anti-Elvis got no Elvis in ’em,
lemme tell ya.

Michael J. Fox has no Elvis in him.

And Elvis is in Joan Rivers
but he’s trying to get out, man!
He’s trying to get out!
Listen up Joanie Baby!

Elvis is everywhere
Elvis is everything
Elvis is everybody
Elvis is still the king

Man o man
What I want you to see
Is that the big E’s
Inside of you and me

Man, there’s a lot of unexplained phenomenon
out there in the world.
Lot of things people say
What the heck’s going on?

Let me tell ya!

Who built the pyramids?
Who built Stonehenge?

Yeah, man you see guys
walking down the street
pushing shopping carts
and you think they’re talking to allah,
they’re talking to themself.
Man, no they’re talking to ELVIS!

You know whats going on in that Bermuda Triangle?
Down in the Bermuda Traingle
Elvis needs boats.
Elvis needs boats.
Elvis Elvis Elvis
Elvis Elvis Elvis
Elvis needs boats.

Aahh! The Sailing Elvis!
Captain Elvis!
Commodore Elvis it is.

Yeah man, you know people from outer space,
people from outer space they come up to me.
They don’t look like like Doctor Spock.
They don’t look like Klingons,
all that Star Trek jive.

They look like Elvis.
Everybody in outer space looks like Elvis.
Cause Elvis is a perfect being.
We are all moving in perfect peace and harmony towards Elvisness

Soon all will become Elvis.
Everything everywhere will be Elvis.
Why do you think they call it evolution anyway?
It’s really Elvislution!

Elvis is everywhere
Elvis is everything
Elvis is everybody
Elvis is still the king

Man o man
What I want you to see
Is that the big E’s
Inside of you and me

That’s right ladies and gentlemen,
The time has come!
Time has come to talk
To that little bit of Elvis inside of you.

Talk to it!
Call it up!
Say “Elvis, heal me!”
“Save me, Elvis!”
“Make me be born again
in the perfect Elvis light”

That’s right!
You’ve got that Elvis inside of ya
and he’s talkin to ya
He says he wants you to sing!
Everybody’s got to sing like the king!

Like the king
Get that leg going now
Get your lip too.
Not no fool Billy Idol lip either
Yeah, we’re rockin now!

Elvis is with us.
He’s with us and he’s speaking to us.
He says “Peoples!”
“Everybody got to sing!”

Elvis is everywhere
Elvis is everything
Elvis is everybody
Elvis is still the king

Man o man
What I want you to see
Is that the big E’s
Inside of you and me

Elvis is everywhere
Elvis is everything
Elvis is everybody
Elvis is still the king

Man o man
What I want you to see
Is that the big E’s
Inside of you and me


Happy Birthday, Billy Idol!

Billy Idol was born on this day, November 30th in 1955! Above is the non-video for my favorite of all of Billy’s Eighties Monster Hits, “Eyes Without a Face.” Have an awesome Birthday, Billy!

Billy and Gail
Here I am with Billy, a Long, Long Time Ago

Generation X Release Debut Album

On This Date in 1978: Generation X, featuring lead vocalist Billy Idol, released its self-titled debut album, which contained the single, “Ready Steady Go” and featured the songs  “Wild Youth, ” “Wild Dub,”  “Your Generation” and  a cover of John Lennon’s “Gimme Some Truth” – all of which got loads of airplay on Rodney Bingenheimer’s weekly, Sunday evening show, Rodney On The Roq on radio station KROQ in Los Angeles. Generation X is still one of my favorite albums of  that era.

Thanks to The P5 Blogspot For The Tip!

Billy Idol Turns 55!

Favorite Billy Idol Solo Song

The Worley Gig would like to wish a Happy Birthday to Billy Idol, who celebrates 55 years on the planet today. This is my favorite quote anyone ever said to me, during an interview, about Billy Idol:

“Our first gig on this tour was playing in Austin after Billy Idol. If I said to people back home [in London] that we’d just done a gig with Billy Idol, they’d be laughing their heads off. Over here it’s, like ,2,000 people pumping their fists in the air and loving it. I actually really enjoyed it. He’s still got it going on.”

 — Johnny Morgan drummer for Brtish Rock Band Moke (circa 2001)

Happy 54th Birthday, Billy Idol!

Billy Idol

Former Generation X front man and eternal Punk Rock Poster Boy Billy Idol turns 54 today, having been born on November 30th in 1955! Favorite Billy Idol Quote: “There are no part-time Punks in my band.”

Classic Punk Rock Single of The Day: Generation X, “Your Generation”

Generation X Your Generation 1977
“Your Generation Don’t Mean A Thing To Me”

On This Date, September 1st in 1977: Generation X released its debut single “Your Generation,” backed by “Day By Day.” The single reached the #36 spot on the U.K. singles chart. The London punk band, fronted by Billy Idol, disbanded in 1981. Generation X was always among my top three of four favorite first wave British punk bands, not incidentally because I had a mad crush on Billy Idol. Aside from the very excellent debut album I’d also recommend the band’s second album, Valley of The Dolls, which was produced by Ian Hunter.

Happy 52nd Birthday, Billy Idol!

Gail! Billy!
Gail and Billy, “Harleys for Hope” MS Fundraiser at NYC’s Harley Davidson Cafe, 1997

Billy Idol is 52 years old today, have been born on November 30th in 1955. Have a Rebellious Birthday, Billy!

An Interview with Billy Idol Drummer Brian Tichy

metal edge logo

When Brain Tichy was a kid, he thought everyone wanted to play drums. Brian got his first drumset at age ten and took private lessons while also learning the drums licks on all his favorite records by Kiss, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith and AC/DC. “Kiss was the first major band for me,” the drummer admits. “My friends had the Kiss Alive albums and I’d listen to the drum solos and think, ‘Oh my god, Peter Criss! That’s untouchable!’ Then my dad took me to see Kiss at Madison Square Garden on the Destroyer tour and that changed everything right there.”

Today Brian Tichy is one of the most in-demand working rock drummers in Los Angeles. In 2001, Brian joined the touring band for punk rock legend Billy Idol and has since become Idol’s songwriting partner, having co-authored eight of the songs on 2005’s Devil’s Playground (including the single “Scream”). “Songwriting is mostly about Billy and me sitting around with a couple of guitars throwing riffs at each other, adding melody and chords and putting it together. Writing the album was great and totally painless. We came up with a couple records [worth of songs] and have new stuff already demo-ed for the next CD!” Brian Spoke to Metal Edge the night before departing on a two month European tour with Idol.

Metal Edge: You have over ten years of experience touring and recording with artists like Ozzy, Foreigner, Slash’s Snakepit and Zakk Wylde. How do you take all that hard rock and metal and make it work for the Billy Idol gig?

Brian Tichy: Interesting question. The more experience you have, the easier is it to figure out the situation. When you audition for somebody like Billy, a million different things run through your mind on what to do or what not to do. I’ve heard funny stories about people who come in to audition for Ozzy or Billy with these ideas of how they have to get their image together or bring in their own lights, thinking that will help them get the gig. I figure that the first thing the artist cares about is the drums. I just keep my mouth shut until I know that my drumming has spoken for itself and figure the rest out after that. Nothing matters until they tell you that you’ve got the gig. The bottom line is, it’s all hard-hitting, aggressive rock drumming regardless of whether it’s “Eyes Without a Face” or “War Pigs.”

Metal Edge: When you toured with guitarist Vinnie Moore, the band had the opportunity to open a few arena dates for Rush. What was that like?

Brian Tichy: That was one of the coolest things that could have happened. We were in a van playing clubs and having a great time, and then we got word that we were going to be doing two weeks opening for Rush in Arenas on the east coast. That was like, “Are you kidding me?” I found out I’d be playing at Madison Square Garden on the same stage as Neil Peart. We were all fans so it was great! At a sound check one night, Neil and I were talking and I asked him a question about his drums. He asked, “Have you played them yet?” And I was like “No…I’m not going to go up and start bashing on your drums.” But he said, “Go ahead.” I had about twenty minutes to just cut loose and it was totally cool. That’s in the top ten memories of whatever I’ve done for the past fifteen years.

Metal Edge: I understand that you use in ear monitors. What do you like about those?

Brian Tichy: I prefer to have a big, monster PA and monitors behind me. But that creates a lot more volume on stage, which bleeds into all the other mikes and causes problems live. The in-ears are cool because they give me the exact amount of level I want from every instrument on stage, without any feedback. It also makes the world of the singer easier because you don’t have the PA volume blasting into his mike and corrupting his mix. It’s good for everybody in the band, really.

Metal Edge: What is your main strength as a drummer?

Brian Tichy: My strength is consistency. No matter how I feel or who I’m playing for, what I’m doing is going to be done 100 percent. Actually, I think the common characteristic of some of the best drummers is consistency. If I go see Vinnie Paul play with Pantera or Damage Plan, it doesn’t matter if I saw him in 1992 or 2000, in a club or in an arena. Vinnie Paul is on it 100 percent no matter what else is going on. I’m also good at adapting to the situation. I’m not going to play like Neil Peart if I’m in an AC/DC tribute band. As far as my signature chops, they’re all just Bonham and Alex Van Halen rip offs (laughs). In the big picture of everything, I’m glad that I’m making a living doing what I love.

Brian’s Gear:
Drums: TAMA
Sizes: 24” kick drum, 14”, 16”, 18” Toms, 6 1/2” x 14” Snare
Cymbals: Zildjian
Heads: Remo
Sticks: Vater

Official Website: http://www.briantichy.com/

billy idol drummeer brian tichy

This article was originally written for Metal Edge Magazine as part of a monthly column by Gail Worley (under the pen name Jayne Rollins). With the magazines’ dissolution, the article has been added to the content base of The Worley Gig for our readers’ enjoyment.