John Lennon: 30 Years Gone

John Lennon was murdered on this date in 1980. The Beatles are my favorite band, ever, and I still miss John every day.

0 thoughts on “John Lennon: 30 Years Gone

  1. I just watched “A Hard Day’s Night” for the first time ever this week. I love the music, but I still don’t get the mania! It was a different time, I suppose!


  2. Still reeling from that tragic day. Funny how a person like Lennon who had brought so much joy and heightened awareness into the world then becomes a reminder of senseless murder. Fuck you, Chapman… you disgusting lardass.



    G, Army of One at Strawberry Fields to let the greatest Poet/Peacemaker know we are here to carry on your vision and Mantra …..”GIVE PEACE A CHANCE”


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