Shepard Fairey Copyright Infringement Lawsuit Dismissed By Judge!

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On Tuesday, a judge dismissed copyright lawsuits between street artist Shepard Fairey and the Associated Press news service over an image of Barack Obama that Fairey used for a 2006 Obama campaign poster. This is a rather complicated case, or series of related cases actually, which involve Fairey and the “Obama Hope” image, which was later used on merchandise such as T-shirts and mugs.

You can read up on the details at This Link. I’m not saying that “stealing” is ever justified, but there are ways to amicably resolve these types of issues without getting all Metallica-style litigious on everyone’s ass. At any rate, the ruling is good news for Fairey – whose work I am a huge fan of – and other artists of his ilk, who sometimes appropriate fair use images from pop culture in their artwork.

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