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Pink Thing of The Day: 3D Banana Street Art Sculpture

3 d banan art photo by gail worley
Photo By Gail

Over Thanksgiving weekend, I went on a long-overdue Street Art Safari, wandering down to Freeman Alley, and then making my way back uptown via the First Street Green Art Park. Just outside the park’s First Street entrance, I spotted this amazing Pink Banana sculpture fastened to the concrete wall. The tag identifies the artist as Danana Tree, which is the street name of artist Dana van Vueren, whose specialty is making vibrant colored 3-D casts of bananas. According to an Instagram post, this Banana has been on the street since March! Dana also takes commissions. Follow / contact her on Instagram at @Dananatree.

Made You Look By Banksy

made you look by banksy photo by gail worley
Photo By Gail

Paying attention all the time is an interesting way to go through the day. When you’re a tourist, however — in my case, traveling in London —  it pays off, because you can spot all the hidden weird things that residents never notice.
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A Guide to New Jersey’s Thriving Art Scene

nj view from the river
Image Source

New Jersey, while close to the well-known art hubs of New York, stands strong with its unique art identity. The state has seen significant growth in its art sector over the years, making it a notable destination for art enthusiasts. With a combination of historical galleries, modern exhibits, and street art, New Jersey’s thriving art scene provides a comprehensive look at both its heritage and contemporary trends. For those seeking an art-centric experience outside major cities, New Jersey is steadily emerging as a top destination, offering a wide range of artistic attractions and activities.
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Keith Haring’s Art is for Everybody at The Broad

dancing figures under a heart photo by geoffrey dickerkeith haring art is for everyone signage photo by geoffrey dicker
Review and All Images By Geoffrey Dicker

Moments before entering The Broad Museum in Downtown Los Angeles to see Keith Haring’s comprehensive career retrospective  Art Is For Everybody, I (coincidentally) received an email reviewing the show. The article was titled Is Art for Everybody? Despite being very familiar with Haring’s work, I wanted to avoid any spoilers, so I waited to read the article; however, as I walked through the exhibit, that headline stuck with me.

keith haring tribal canvas photo by geoffrey dicker
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Pink Thing of The Day: Save The Animals Mural By Praxis

save the animals by praxis photo by gail worley
Photo By Gail

Praxis is a Colombian-born street artist who spray-paints amazingly realistic stencil portraits of animals all around the streets of NYC. This Pink Lion — captured-mid-roar — is part of a series of pink animals that adorn the facade of the Spicy Moon Bar located on Bowery just below Houston. Find out more about Praxis, and see more his beautiful artworks, by following him on Instagram at This Link!