Ugly Dolls Lucky Uckys: Want

Do you like Ugly Dolls? I sure do. I have a little Ugly Doll clip-on called Peaco attached to my bag at all times, so I can carry it with me wherever I go. Because Ugly Dolls are awesome. Earlier today, I was scoping out the new toys on Plastic and Plush and came across something called Lucky Uckys “Pocket Sized Lucky Spirit Guides” – which strike me as something that surely many people would be interested in owning. Because, Pocket Sized Spirit Guides: who doesn’t need those, especially here in NYC? Apparently there will be 60 total figures in the series, or so I am led to believe by the packaging pictured above. I want them.

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  1. There is nothing ugly about the so-called Ugly Dolls. They are adorable. I, too, have a clip-on who keeps me company at my desk. He was a special gift from a special Gail.

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