Be a Genius of Love on Valentine’s Day By Knowing Your Champagne!

Two Flutes Champagne Toast

I’ve been drinking champagne since I was of legal age, but I never really appreciated what lovers of the tiny bubbles rave about until a friend bought me bottle of really nice champagne as gift this past Christmas. Let me tell you: there is a world of difference among varieties of champagne if you’re willing to throw it down for the good stuff.

I buy a lot of wine online, because it’s easier to buy it in bulk and I don’t have to dislocate a shoulder hauling it home from the store. Wine Dot Com is a good site to check out (and the name, so easy to remember!) and they have a pretty impressive selection of Champagne that will appeal to just about any wallet thickness/taste level and — the best part — they appear to be having a one-cent shipping special going on right now. I’d take this as a sign that you shouldn’t wait to check “Buy Champagne” off your Valentine’s Day/Night “To Do List.”

While you’re compiling your shopping list and chilling the glasses, check out this list of Cool Facts and Trivia on the history of Champagne below! You just might learn something (Example: did you know that Dom Perignon was a monk?)! infographic

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