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The Impact of Cannabidiol on Brain Function

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Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-intoxicating compound found in the cannabis plant. Unlike its more famous cousin, THC, CBD does not produce any mind-altering effects, meaning it won’t make you high. However, the growing body of research suggests that CBD may have a variety of potential health benefits, including reducing stress, relieving pain, and improving sleep. Continue reading The Impact of Cannabidiol on Brain Function

Let’s Go: The Vancouver Aquarium!

vancouver aquarium exterior shot photo by gail worley
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Have you visited the beautiful city of Vancouver, BC? It’s pretty sweet: friendly people, decent  weather, excellent restaurants and — if you love nature, especially — endless fun adventures. My recent Alaskan cruise ported out of Vancouver, so I was able to spend four days checking out this fantastic city,  including a fun-packed (and educational) afternoon at the very impressive Vancouver Aquarium. Let’s check it out! Continue reading Let’s Go: The Vancouver Aquarium!

Shark Attack Restroom!

shark exhibit building photo by gail worley
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What a crazy coincidence that, on the same day I read This Article, I found myself in what I am calling the Shark Attack Bathroom (!) which is located at the tail end of the Sharks exhibit at the New York Aquarium. Let’s take a safe peek.

shark bathroom photo by gail worley
Continue reading Shark Attack Restroom!

Can CBD Use Be Dangerous?

cbd products
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CBD is a modern, natural alternative to traditional treatments. It is becoming a common talking point in the world of health and wellness due to the variety of advantages it can have when it comes to our well-being. Brands like CBD For Life strive to produce high-quality products that have a positive impacts on our health. But are CBD products really safe to use? Read on to find out more! Continue reading Can CBD Use Be Dangerous?

Scientific Facts About the Benefits of Yoga on the Body

yoga pose holding leg
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Practicing yoga offers both physical  and mental  health benefits to people of all ages. The practice of yoga was relatively unknown to the western world until the late 1890s. Yoga developed in parallel with the Hindu religion, but it is a philosophy rather than a religion.

Some people think that yoga is all about physical poses, but it includes contemplative practices like meditation as well. Modern yoga practices are somewhat different from traditional yoga. Scientists studying the practice of yoga have discovered plenty of evidence to support its health benefits. Here are few proven benefits of developing a yoga practice. Continue reading Scientific Facts About the Benefits of Yoga on the Body