RIP Robin Gibb

Bee Gees Group
The Bee Gees: Maurice, Barry and Robin Gibb

Wow, this is so sad. Just a few days after the death of disco legend Donna Summer, another Disco-era icon, Robin Gibb, member of The Bee Gees, has passed today, May 20th, 2012, following a long battle with cancer. Gibb was 62 years old. His death leaves his older brother Barry Gibb as the last surviving member of the group. Robin Gibb’s twin bother, Maurice, passed away in 2003. RIP, Robin, and thanks for all the great music.

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  1. And then there was Barry…

    The Bee Gees were iconic — light years beyond the disco genre. The brothers Gibb were impeccable pop song writers — craftsmen. In fact, some of their greatest material was created prior to 1975. This is a truly tragic loss.

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