NYC East Village The Morning After Blizzard Nemo

Snow in Front Flower Box
Evidence in My Front Porch Flower Box (All Photos By Gail, Click on Any Image to Enlarge)

Against a soundtrack of the unmistakable scraping of shovels against cement, I took a walk this morning through Tompkins Square Park in the East Village to capture a few photos of last night’s snowfall before it all melts away!

Intersection with Deli

The bright sun is already fast melting the snow into grey slush, already evident at every intersection in the area.

Snow Covered Car

Somebody wrote the word “Snow” in the snow that accumulated on this car. Clever!

Children's Garden Sign

The areas that will stay pristine the longest are the small, private gardens.

Childrens Private Garden

Private Garden2

Unshoveled Park Path

This is what it looks where people have not yet shoveled.

Snow on Ground in Park

Dog Run In Tompkins Square Park

Lots of people out running their dogs. Dogs love snow!

Ghetto Snowman In Tompkins Square Park

Ghetto Snowman.

Snow Cushioned Benches In Tompkins Square Park


Snow Cushion On Benches

Cushions of snow!

Snow Bushes with Finger

This photo of snow-burdened bushes would be much nicer if it were not bordered by my finger.

Snow Burdened Bushes

Snow Burdened Tree

Snow Xmas Tree with Glove

Makes me think of Christmas (and yes, that is a bit of my glove)!

Icicles On Car Bumper

Icicles on Storefront

Icicles on Car Bumpers and Store Awnings along Avenue A were dripping and dropping onto the sidewalk like tiny projectile missles by 11:00 AM!

Snow Park with Fence

By the time this post goes up it will already be too late to enjoy the best of the Blizzard’s aftermath, but at least I preserved the memory while I could!

Snowy Bare Trees
Bare Trees, Blue Skies

4 thoughts on “NYC East Village The Morning After Blizzard Nemo”

  1. Did the city not get that much? We got about 2 feet here in Norwalk…but 45 minutes North of us, some friends and family just got plowed out this morning and last night – nearly 3 feet. Insane! Cool photos!

    1. Hi Nick — I think we got 5 – 8 inches, so, not too much by comparison but enough to cover everything and make a mess! — G

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