Video Clip of The Week: SACCO, “Kerosene”

Hey, what’s up. It’s Sunday and time again for the Video Clip of the Week, so what better clip to choose than one featuring a church, assorted religious iconography, plus a (possibly fake) priest and…some other guys? There’s an irresistible, dream-like feeling that’s brought on by watching SACCO’s video for “Kerosene.” The thing is, the Priest, the Wall Street Guy and the Dude trying to set a Fire in the Snow all have the same face /mask on. Perhaps the meaning of this song takes too long to talk about.

Musically, you’ll be pulled in by the seductive undertow of lumbering bass, an almost military drumming cadence and whip smart lyrics like “Patience is a woman I can’t wait to meet” and “Mercy is trigger that I ain’t pulled yet.” Very clever! SACCO, a band that sounds like they potentially have a string of good albums in them, is the creative vision of childhood friends John Fredericks and Andy Breihan (both most recently of Guards) who are joined by drummer Chris Trombley.

“Kerosene” is from the New York by-way-of Southern California trio’s self-titled debut album, which will be released April 22nd on Sensibility Music. That’s also the date when SACCO will head out on tour with Band Of Skulls, so that promises to be a hot ticket! Enjoy!

Sacco Band

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