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The tale of how Perky Jerky came to be almost sounds like an Urban Legend, but it nevertheless makes a good deal of sense. The story goes that a couple of friends were on a ski trip when they noticed that, among their gear, an open bag of peppered beef jerky had, unfortunately (they thought) become drenched from a leaky bottle of energy drink.

Not exactly being near a store to buy fresh supplies, they dug in to the jerky and discovered a few very positive side affects as a result of the energy drink infiltration: the jerky had retained its original flavor, but had also been tenderized from marinating in the liquid. As an added bonus, the meat had absorbed the drink’s pep-inducing properties!

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The formula for this tasty and all natural snack has since been perfected, with Perky Jerky’s not-so-secret ingredient, a hint of Guarana, a berry native to the Amazon that is the pep-adding ingredient in most energy drinks, remaining. I was recently sent two packages of Perky Jerky to sample – one Turkey, one Beef, both Teriyaki flavor — and my findings are that this is a delicious, convenient meaty treat!

Turkey Perky Jerky with Packaging

The Turkey Jerky is pictured above, and you will see it comes out of its packet in various sized pieces rather than long, dry strips. Although it looks like Bacon, the meat’s texture varies between chewy and very moist, and the mildly sweet Teriyaki flavor permeates each bite. There are also visible flecks of cracked black pepper on the jerky, which can be easily flicked off if having the jerky seasoned in that manner is not your thing.

Benefits of snacking on a protein rich snack such as Perky Jerky include:

  • Curbing hunger between meals leaving you feeling fuller longer
  • Maintaining blood sugar levels between meals
  • Cutting down on the spikes and crashes, thus keeping you awake and alert
  • Burning fat instead of muscle during workouts
  • Repairing damaged tissue in the body after exercise

Which makes it an ideal snack to throw in your purse or gym bag!

Beef Perky Jerky

This is the Beef Perky Jerky which I took with me to the movies today to snack on. It was not only delicious, but it kept be from getting too hungry between lunch and dinner, and helped me stay alert during the film! Thanks, Perky Jerky!

Perky Jerky is available in both beef and turkey in four flavors: Original, Sweet & Spicy, Teriyaki, and Hot & Bothered. Visit This Link to find a store near you that sells Perky Jerky, or get in on special pricing when you buy some online at This Link!

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