Unlovely: New Sculptures By RISD MFA Grads

Unlovely Brochure
All Photos By Gail

Last night, I was roaming around in this building at 111 Front Street in DUMBO Brooklyn:

Dumbo Art Galleries

Maybe you know it: it’s where a bunch of cool art galleries are – kind of like a consolidated Chelsea Gallery District on the second floor of just one building. Still, they make the most of the space. I had been invited to two specific shows at 111 Front and after doing time at both of those, I just wandered around the floor, because it was a bit of a happening scene. And, as you know, I like to make the scene.

After a couple of glasses of free wine, I stumbled upon Unlovely: a group sculpture show for 2014 graduates of the Rhode Island School of Design MFA program, which was full of all kinds of fucked up art. At first I wasn’t even going to shoot it, because I was balancing a PBR in one hand and my iPad in the other, but I just couldn’t resist taking a few snaps. Some of the art looked like things you would see in nightmares, and I mean that in the most complimentary was possible. Now of course, I am kicking myself for not taking pictures of everything, because this was one crazy show. Still, I try to live my life without regrets.

Force/ Form by Blake Hiltunen
Force/ Form by Blake Hiltunen

This sculpture looks like a big wadded up ball of tin foil that’s been spray painted with a variety of what I’d describe as “wound-hued” colors. I felt very compelled by its bruised pinkness.

Night By Hao Ni
Night (Mineral Oil on Monofilament, Resin on Fabrics, Car Headlights and Other Mixed Media) By Hao Ni

This thing, wow, it was like a terrarium/fountain combination from the X Files or something – like that episode where they made that kid drink the “Back Oil.” I wish I could un-see that one.

Night By Hao Ni
Night, Alternate View

On The Edge of the Desert By Matthew J. Mahoney
On The Edge of the Desert By Matthew J. Mahoney

I call this one “Garbage Dump Skeleton in a College Dorm Room.” There is a lot going on here, that is for sure. Here is what the Artist, Matthew Mahoney, Used in the creation of this tableau:

On The Edge of the Desert By Matthew J. Mahoney

Here’s another shot, where I tried to get in more of the garbage look:

On The Edge of the Desert By Matthew J. Mahoney

OK, so that’s all I got on this exhibit but you can see Unlovely at 111 Front Street, Suite 220, Dumbo Brooklyn, Through June 25th, 2014.

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