Video Clip of The Week: Wish, “Nothing to Say”

It’s somewhat funny that last week’s video clip was referred to by me as being “Kaleidoscopic,” and yet this week we are featuring a video in which actual images from a kaleidoscope are used. So, random!

“Nothing to Say” by Toronto psychedelic quartet Wish fills me with that happy-yet-wistful feeling that comes with reluctantly accepting the inevitable end of summer, but I think it might also be appropriate to soundtrack a romantic breakup that you are secretly relieved about.

Managing to narrowly skirt the minor chord melancholy, “Nothing to Say” comes from Wish’s self-titled debut album, which hit the street on August 26th via Hand Drawn Dracula records. Recommended if you share my taste in excellent music (see previous video clips of the week) or liked The Flaming Lips and Beck back when they were considered “Indie,” Wish can be purchased at This Link. Enjoy!

Wish Cover Art

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