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Kiss Angel Gene and Peter By Ron English

KIss Angel Gene and Peter
Photo By Gail

Oil, Acrylic and Collage on Canvas. Photographed at the Allouche Gallery on Spring Street in Soho.

Video Clip of The Week: Wish, “Nothing to Say”

It’s somewhat funny that last week’s video clip was referred to by me as being “Kaleidoscopic,” and yet this week we are featuring a video in which actual images from a kaleidoscope are used. So, random!

“Nothing to Say” by Toronto psychedelic quartet Wish fills me with that happy-yet-wistful feeling that comes with reluctantly accepting the inevitable end of summer, but I think it might also be appropriate to soundtrack a romantic breakup that you are secretly relieved about.
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Kiss Alive! Turns 35!

Kiss Alive Album Cover
Rock & Roll All Night. Party Every Day.

On This Date, September 10th in 1975:  Kiss released their first live album Alive! The double album went on to become the band’ first top ten album in the U.S. and to this day it’s considered a landmark for live albums.

Gail On The Web! Top 19 Rock Star Quotes of 2005!

Rock Star Quotes

Kiss was the first [big] band for me. A couple of my friends had the Kiss Alive albums and I’d listen to the drum solos and think, ‘Oh, that’s untouchable! Oh my god, Peter Criss!’ So, yeah, that was huge.”

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