The Billy Idol Intersection

William and Broad Streets
All Photos By Gail

It’s entirely possible that you’ve lived your entire life without knowing that British Punk Rock Icon Billy Idol’s real name is William Broad. It is not exactly common knowledge. Similarly, I’ve worked in NYC’s Financial District for a decade without the knowledge that, just a few blocks from my day job, there is an intersection of the streets William and Broad, thus creating the unofficial Billy Idol Intersection!

Intersection William and Broad
Billy Idol Intersection, Southeast Corner

3 thoughts on “The Billy Idol Intersection”

  1. Just think…if you wanted to arrange a clandestine meeting you could say “I’ll meet you at Billy Idol’s intersection” and only those in the know would know the location.

  2. I walked down William Street for many, many years. Is Hanover Deli still there. The counter was L shaped and they’d throw items to each other overhead.

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