Video Clip of The Week: Dave Gahan & Soulsavers, “Shine”

The first thing I think of when I see Depeche Mode vocalist Dave Gahan in this video for “Shine” — the second single off Angels & Ghosts, his recent album with musical partner Soulsavers — is that I’m glad he is still alive. It is no secret that Dave spent many years Dancing with Mr. Brownstone, and came close to succumbing to a few of his adventures.

As a relatively understated ballad, “Shine” provides an excellent showcase for Gahan’s still impressive, bell-clear vocals that ring out over a somewhat foreboding, rhythmically propulsive dirge that would make Johnny Cash shiver in his grave, for all the right reasons. Gahan offers that he originally conceived the idea for “Shine” while performing live, remarking that it came from a show “Where I felt like I had all the power I wanted.  All the energy I needed.  It was one of those nights.”

Visually, the narrative switches between scenes of Gahan (sometimes accompanied by a lovely lady in white (model Rebekah Underhill), and sometimes not) moving slowly across a darkened room illuminated only by filament bulb pendent lamps, and outdoor vignettes featuring random folks busy with their everyday goings on — which were filmed in NYC, where Gahan has lived since 1997. Angels & Ghosts is the second collaboration between Dave Gahan and Soulsavers, and I think it’s a good fit. Thanks for staying alive, Dave!


Dave Gahan Shine Video Still

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