Video Clip of The Week: Adult Books, “Suburban Girlfriend”

Hello and welcome to the best part of your Sunday morning,’s Video Clip of The Week! It feels so good to be back. What I think I like most about this week’s video, which is called “Suburban Girlfriend” from LA-Based post-punk trio Adult Books is that it takes me way back to the carefree days of my youth, living in the glorious suburbs of Orange County, California. Good times. It is so true that kids / teenagers have absolutely no idea how good they have it. Coincidentally, Adult Books also originally hail from The OC, and so, there’s that. Visually, I am not going to give you a frame-by frame breakdown of what goes on in “Suburban Girlfriend,” because you should have already clicked on the video by now. Seriously, WTF are you waiting for? It is so much fun, with its summery vibe and imagined romance between an adult man-child and a little girl who is maybe 5.

I also enjoy the aural throwback to early Redd Kross, which can only be seen as a huge, huge compliment. For a more modern reference, I’d say Tijuana Panthers — who have appeared in this spot a record-setting 3 or 4 times already — are a close approximation to Adult Books’ fun and energetic sound. “Suburban Girlfriend” can be found on the band’s upcoming, debut album, Running from the Blows, to be released on March 4th via Lolipop Records. Enjoy!

Adult Books Suburban Girlfriend Still
Adult Book (Photo Credit: Thomas Kanschat)

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