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Video Clip of The Week: Super Whatevr, “Telelelevision”

Top Ten Things I Like About This Weeks’ Video Clip, “Telelelevision” By Super Whatevr

1. Superwhatevr are a band from Orange County, California, which is where I am also from. Represent.

2. This song is called “Telelelevision,” and watching Television is in my top three favorite things that I like to do! Yay!

3. On weekend mornings, we should get to watch cartoons, right? This clip is animated, so that’s like a cartoon. Win Close enough!

4. Musically, “Telelelevision” sounds like it could be a lost Pixies‘ song. I like The Pixies.

5. Also, back in the ’90s there was a one-hit wonder, post-Grunge band from California called The Flys, formed by a couple of brothers who were most famous for making sunglasses and surfing. I am pretty sure I interviewed them at one point. Anyway, their hit was called “Got You Where I want You,” and “Telelelevision” sort of reminds me of that song.

6. Pink is my favorite color, and this video features lots of pink, and various shades of pink, so I enjoy watching it, as it pleases my eyeballs.

7. The video was animated by Eat The Danger, who has done the videos for “Lisbon” by Wolf Alice and Courtney Barnett’s “Dead Fox.”

8. The fluid nature of the animation makes the video especially optimal for watching while you are high on any kind of even mildly psychedelic drug.

9. I like the part where the protagonist rides a big Rubber Duck.

10. “Telelelevision” can be found on Superwhatevr’s debut full-length, Never Nothing, out now via Hopeless Records. Enjoy!

Super Whatevr.

Video Clip of The Week: Adult Books, “Suburban Girlfriend”

Hello and welcome to the best part of your Sunday morning, Worleygig.com’s Video Clip of The Week! It feels so good to be back. What I think I like most about this week’s video, which is called “Suburban Girlfriend” from LA-Based post-punk trio Adult Books is that it takes me way back to the carefree days of my youth, living in the glorious suburbs of Orange County, California. Good times. It is so true that kids / teenagers have absolutely no idea how good they have it. Coincidentally, Adult Books also originally hail from The OC, and so, there’s that. Visually, I am not going to give you a frame-by frame breakdown of what goes on in “Suburban Girlfriend,” because you should have already clicked on the video by now. Seriously, WTF are you waiting for? It is so much fun, with its summery vibe and imagined romance between an adult man-child and a little girl who is maybe 5.

I also enjoy the aural throwback to early Redd Kross, which can only be seen as a huge, huge compliment. For a more modern reference, I’d say Tijuana Panthers — who have appeared in this spot a record-setting 3 or 4 times already — are a close approximation to Adult Books’ fun and energetic sound. “Suburban Girlfriend” can be found on the band’s upcoming, debut album, Running from the Blows, to be released on March 4th via Lolipop Records. Enjoy!

Adult Books Suburban Girlfriend Still
Adult Book (Photo Credit: Thomas Kanschat)

Video Clip of the Week: The Garden, “What We Are”

For this weeks’ Video Clip, we have an amazing discovery with The Garden, a garage rock duo with both punk and goth leanings made up of 19-year-old identical twin hotties Wyatt and Fletcher Shears. You know that I am way past the stage where I am swayed by a pretty face, but these guys have so much more going for them than the model-quality good looks that won them an Yves Saint Laurent ad campaign with zero effort on their part. Most importantly, their music does not suck! With just bass (Wyatt) and drums (Fletcher), they manage to conjure the dark recesses of Bauhaus Meets Iggy Pop, and who could find fault with that? Answer: no one.

These guys have quite a musical pedigree as well, being the spawn of OC Punk royalty, namely Steven Shears, drummer for long-running group Shattered Faith, an Orange County fixture since 1978! Punk Rock! Schooled on the aggressive sounds of bands like Saccharine Trust, The Minutemen and Killing Joke, The Garden still remember to “Do the Song,” as I like to say.

The above clip for “What We Are” is comprised of a montage of graphics and still shots from the Saint Laurent campaign – nice! The Garden’s debut album, The Life And Times Of A Paperclip was released on July 23rd and can be purchased for download at This Link.

See an alternate version of the video below. Enjoy!

Breaking Hurricane Sandy News: Gail Interviewed by the OC Register!

Hurricane Sandy

Check this out! A couple of hours ago I was interviewed over the phone by my long time friend, reporter / editor Greg Hardesty of the Orange County Register for an article on Orange County Natives now in the path of Sandy! Read my clever, fear-spiked witticisms at This Link!

Happy Birthday, Pete Townshend!

Pete Townshend, guitarist for The Who and certainly one of the most awesome living Rock Stars ever in the universe of all time, was born on this day, May 19th, in 1945. I’m lucky enough (meaning that I am old enough now) to have seen The Who live in their prime before the death of Keith Moon. This was way back in March of 1976, at the Anaheim Stadium in Orange County, California where I grew up. I think the ticket was $12. I’d say that show is probably in the top three or four concert experiences of my life, and I do remember it was VERY LOUD, despite being held at an outdoor sports stadium with a capacity of over 55,000 people. My ears still hurt. In fact, according to Who legend, that concert is the one at which Townshend claims to have lost a good percentage of his hearing. “Happy Birthday, Pete!”