Video Clip of the Week: Inner Oceans, “Call Through the Wire”

Hey, what’s up. Do you feel like you just can’t quite get your ass out of bed on this Sunday morning? I feel your pain. This week’s Video Clip, the sublime dark pop anthem, “Call Through the Wire” from Denver-based electronic pop trio Inner Oceans, is ready to play Devil’s Advocate. I mean, “Call Through the Wire” has that gentle, static ebb that works so well as a tonic for an acid hangover; where the intermittent drop-outs in the audio can be mistaken for blips in your temporarily fried consciousness. It’s also entirely suited to post-break-up wound licking, where the woozy beats nurse the bitter-sweetness of absolute relief mixed with a dull, aching melancholy. This song comes right out and asks, indeed, why get up at all? Well, it doesn’t really, but it should.

Visually, there are no big challenges here: just keep your orbs open and let them absorb the pretty, colored lights. Inner Oceans is frontman Griffith Snyder, guitarist/programmer Charles Kern, and multi-instrumentalist Julia Mendiolea, who aspire to sculpt music that is exceptionally personal, while also embodying a spiritual mystery and elegance that is just out of reach. “Call Through the Wire” an addictive elixir of haunting electronic tones and unconventional infectious melodies.  Enjoy!

Inner Oceans Band
Photo by Luca Venter

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