Memory Of An Awesome Bicentennial Concert, 1976

Beach Boys Live
Fun Fun Fun

On This Date, July 3rd, in 1976: Brian Wilson made his first appearance in 11 years with The Beach Boys in concert in Anaheim, CA at Anaheim Stadium. It was a co-headlining show with the band America – very appropriate to celebrate the country’s Bicentennial! And yes, I was there! Man, that was a great summer of an amazing year where I was lucky enough to attend concerts by The Who, Queen, Peter Frampton, Yes, Aerosmith and Jeff Beck, among others that my well-worn memory is now too hazy to recall. Happy holiday weekend, everybody!

Anaheim Stadium July 3 1976
Photo of Anaheim Stadium on July 3rd, 1976 Courtesy of Ang Jones

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  1. I also went to many of the concerts at Anaheim Stadium in 1976 AND 1977. There were so many bands that played at these concerts. So many that I can’t remember half of them. I wish I saved my ticket stubs, or had a list of the bands that played. I wanted to tell my kids all the bands I saw but can’t remember.

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