Memory Of An Awesome Bicentennial Concert, 1976

Beach Boys Live
Fun Fun Fun

On This Date, July 3rd, in 1976: Brian Wilson made his first appearance in 11 years with The Beach Boys in concert in Anaheim, CA at Anaheim Stadium. It was a co-headlining show with the band America – very appropriate to celebrate the country’s Bicentennial! And yes, I was there! Man, that was a great summer of an amazing year where I was lucky enough to attend concerts by The Who, Queen, Peter Frampton, Yes, Aerosmith and Jeff Beck, among others that my well-worn memory is now too hazy to recall. Happy holiday weekend, everybody!

Anaheim Stadium July 3 1976
Photo of Anaheim Stadium on July 3rd, 1976 Courtesy of Ang Jones

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  1. I also went to many of the concerts at Anaheim Stadium in 1976 AND 1977. There were so many bands that played at these concerts. So many that I can’t remember half of them. I wish I saved my ticket stubs, or had a list of the bands that played. I wanted to tell my kids all the bands I saw but can’t remember.

  2. Oh, the concerts at Anaheim was the best time in life. Saw this one, too. Always down in center field, until they closed it from all the pot plants growing. Remember the cops spinning donuts in the parking lot at the Aerosmith concert trying to hit people? Johnny and Edgar, BOC, ZZ Top Fandango, too many concerts to remember. Pink Floyd when the pig exploded. To Rock ‘n’ Roll, LSD, and the ’70s!

    1. Hi Greg — Thanks for your fun comment! I went to so many of the Anaheim Stadium summer concerts as well (1976 – 79) and have lots of lasting memories! — G

  3. Hi, I hope your memory is better than mine. Help me. I believe the Beach Boys were warm-up for Chicago. This was the first concert at Anaheim stadium in a long while. –and the upper deck actually undulated during “Good Vibrations.” My sons (both now well into their 50’s) and I attended. Is this what you are talking about? Or am I thinking of a different appearance? —Pop

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