Video Clip of The Week: Greta Van Fleet, “Highway Tune”

Do you like Led Zeppelin? I sure do. The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Queen are pretty much where it’s all at in the Holy Trinity of Rock & Roll as far as I’m concerned. And while there is always room for originality, even Kevin Parker of Tame Impala knows that if you’re going to borrow shit, you want to borrow from the best. This is why I have no problem with the completely obvious fact that Greta Van Fleet — which is a rock band comprised of four dudes: three of whom are brothers — sound pretty much just like Communication Breakdown-era Led Zeppelin on this week’s video clip, “Highway Tune.” Because, Led Zeppelin! It just does not get any better than that. Thank you, drive through.

“Highway Tune” can be found on Greta Van Fleet’s brand new four-song debut EP, Black Smoke Rising, which was just released this past Friday, April 21st, 2017 (on Lava Records). Enjoy!

Greta Van Fleet Band
Cute Band Alert!

2 thoughts on “Video Clip of The Week: Greta Van Fleet, “Highway Tune””

  1. I saw the name, and immediately thought it had something to do with Miss Susteren, I was happily surprised to find this band’s video instead. I like it. A lot.

  2. Badass, I love it! I’m currently reading Led Zeppelin on Led Zeppelin, which I believe was a Worley Gig recommendation. I just pulled up the full EP in Spotify and I’ll check out more later on. Have I ever mentioned The Parlor Mob to you? Do you know them? “Tide of Tears” is their “Since I’ve Been Loving You,” and they certainly are another new band that takes a page or two from Zep’s book…but perhaps, with a little more originality than this tune. But hey – that’s not a knock. Thanks for the rec!

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