How You Can Use Your Passion and Appreciation for Art and Turn It into a Career

MALS Program
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There are so many things that a person can feel passionate about and have an appreciation for, but often this is kept as a hobby rather than turned into a career. So, what happens if your passion is for art? Maybe you’re not an artist yourself but instead you take it upon yourself to learn all you can about the history’s notable artists, what their work represented, and the how their artwork has left its imprint on history.

Did you know that this passion and appreciation you have for art could in fact be turned into a rewarding and fabulous career? Let’s take a closer look.
Study it Through School

Rather than just study art in your own time and silently appreciate the various time periods through history, why not take it to the next level and enroll in an online master in liberal studies degree. The online MALS program gives you the option to choose from all kinds of courses in the humanities including art, literature, music, religion, history, and philosophy.
Suddenly that appreciation you have for art can grow and become something so much deeper.

What Kinds of Careers Exist?

Unfortunately the MALS degree is one that has been a bit underappreciated over the years, as many have seen it as being too broad. The fact of the matter is that having a degree is going to help give you the edge over the competition when it comes time to finding a job. As of 2013 only 7.4% of Americans held a master’s degree, according to statistics gathered by the U.S. Census Bureau.

By having a degree, potential employers feel assured that you are serious about your chosen career path, you have the educational background that they are looking for, and you have a passion for the industry.

As for what kind of career path you can take with your degree, there are a number of popular options. The MALS degree can set you up to become a journalist, intelligence specialist, theologist, media specialist, lobbyist, public administrator, writer, or business administrator. Take a look at a career as a writer or journalist: you could write about famous works of art or maybe you can become that next great novelist in history.

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What is the Job Outlook for an MALS Graduate?

As far as the job outlook goes for graduates, that’s really up to you. Statistics have shown that if you boost your resume with a few technical skills, the odds of you finding a job right out of school increase dramatically. These technical skills will help to make you more versatile, which employers love. These types of skills can be obtained through elective or extra courses, or even through internships.

Start Doing What You Love as Your Career

There’s no reason to push your love and appreciation of art to the back burner anymore. Instead, use that passion to motivate you and drive you forward so you can set yourself up for your dream career!



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