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Quote of the Day: Liz Feldman on Marriage, Lunch and Parking


OCTOBER 10, 2008


EVERCLEAR’s got a lot to say on their new single, “Jesus Was a Democrat.” The song, penned by frontman ART ALEXAKIS, tackles religious and political hypocrisy head-on with lyrical vibrancy and epic rock n’ roll swagger. The multi-platinum, Grammy-nominated rock quintet doesn’t waste a note or a word on the politically charged, hyper-catchy new song. The song arrives as a free download via the band’s website (www.everclearonline.com) just in time for the 2008 presidential election, and it couldn’t be any more relevant.

EVERCLEAR debuted “Jesus Was a Democrat” at the 2008 GRAMMY’s Rock The Conventions show in Denver this August and it left the audience stunned, particularly with an opening salvo like “Jesus Christ didn’t have blue eyes or blond hair/He looked just like all those people that you want to kill” (*the full set of lyrics is below). About dropping this charge at the DNC, singer, guitarist and songwriter ART ALEXAKIS exclaims, “People looked shocked and excited at the lyrics in a good way.” A little sonic “shock and awe” never hurt anyone, especially before an election.

This isn’t ALEXAKIS’ first time standing up for a political cause. In 2000, he testified before Congress in favor of the “Deadbeat Dad” bill, and he also served as a Portland delegate at the 2004 DNC. However, the best way for him to get his point across is through music. “I’ve wanted to write this song for a long time. During the 1988 presidential campaign, the Right Wing made people believe that ‘Liberals’ were anti-American, anti-god and anti-Family Values. However, if you read Jesus’ words, he sounded like a liberal.”  Rather than condemning anyone or proselytizing, the song trumpets a message of love and tolerance.

ALEXAKIS continues, “I hope the song can start a dialogue in places where there wasn’t one before. I – like a lot of people who consider themselves Christians – get angry and bewildered at the intolerance of so many people who call themselves ‘Christians.’ They act and talk in ways that have nothing to do with the lessons of Christ. Look, sexism, racism, bigotry, and hate don’t have any place in a Christian’s life.”

As for his own choice for president, ALEXAKIS is clear about that too. “I think it’s imperative that we elect Barack Obama. His election will be a message to the whole world that in today’s America anyone can achieve their dreams, regardless of race, gender or economic strata.”

Above all, “Jesus Was a Democrat” sounds like an honest statement from true Americans.

(Lyrics after the jump!)

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My Guess is that Jesus Would Have Voted Democratic


While Googling the phrase “liberal is not a dirty word,” I totally stumbled across this awesome article discussing the easily supported belief (which, by the way, I share) that Jesus was a Liberal. It’s from 2006, but it’s even more timely today than it was when it was written.