Addressing the Need for Women Mentors – An Empathetic Approach

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Although women have come a very long way in the corporate world, there is still a great disparity between the number of men in high-ranking positions and the number of women in those very same key roles. While it isn’t always ‘gender-based discrimination’ that keeps women from advancing in their careers, that could be a contributing factor.

However, graduates of the University of Cincinnati behavioral analysis master’s degree program have found that it is often the women themselves who are holding themselves back. In light of this, what the corporate world really needs more of is women who can step up as mentors using an empathetic approach. Who knows better than another woman what women face when seeking to do something more with their lives?

Self-Doubts a Key Detriment

If you read the synopsis of this graduate degree, you will find that the University of Cincinnati online curriculum seeks to conduct empirical research in human behavior. Why do women need to battle self-doubts when applying for jobs they know they are equally, or better, qualified for than their male counterparts?

Whether seeking a job in the realm of therapeutic counseling or in Human Resources within a corporation, women mentors can help women be proactive in their own futures. This is not to say that men aren’t equally capable from a theoretical standpoint, but no one knows better the types of self-doubts many women impose upon themselves than other women who have had to work through the very same issues. Sadly, it really is different from the doubts that men face.

Social Issues to Meet Head-On

Too many times, women are referred to as the “weaker sex” and thus are treated as such in society. Having grown up with this mindset, these women need to be empowered to rise above social expectations. In fact, these expectations often condition a woman to act in accordance with what she believes others think of her.

Behavioral analysis can help to assess these stereotypes in relation to social issues women face. A great mentor will have a strong foundation in behavioral analysis to literally profile an expected behavior. Having the ability to do this can help a mentor empower others for more positive outcomes.

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Great Mentoring Is All About Helping Women Find Their Own Solutions

Since you know what the other is thinking based on an empathetic approach to mentoring, it isn’t necessary to provide solutions. The key is to ask questions which will lead your protégé to find new ways of dealing with issues that are holding them back. Sometimes, women even have developmental issues if they were raised in a proverbial box. The difference between a good mentor and a great mentor is empowering the other to start thinking, feeling, and acting outside that box they were conditioned to operate within.

Sometimes women are simply more comfortable sharing with women mentors because they feel a natural bond. The object of mentoring is to draw greatness out of the person you are mentoring, and for that to happen, there needs to be a strong rapport. Graduate work in behavioral analysis may be the foundation you need to be a great mentor. Understanding the human condition is key and who understands a woman better than another woman? occasionally accepts sponsored content. For more information, view our advertising policy Here.

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