Product Review: Vitagenne Premium Hemp CBD Oil

vitagenne hemp cbd oil photo by gail worley
Vitagenne Premium CBD Line: Engineered for Wellness, Rooted Empathy (Image By Gail, All Others Courtesy of Vitagenne)

If you haven’t noticed that CBD and CBD-infused products have flooded pop culture consciousness as far-reaching wellness solutions, then you have been living under the proverbial rock. As someone who needs to manage chronic pain, I’ve spent considerable time investigating CBD wellness products that could help alleviate my discomfort, and perhaps also promote a night of restful sleep. The thing is, I didn’t know who to trust when it came to making a purchase. Last summer while vacationing in the Berkshires, my trusted pothead friends took me with them to their local dispensary. With guidance from a knowledgeable employee, I purchased a CDB tincture (oil) containing only trace amounts of THC, which means there’s no high involved. I’m happy to say that this product has worked well for me with no harmful side effects! What a relief.

Just as I was getting low on the product purchased in Massachusetts, and not sure where to find a trusted local source that could sell me an equivalent-quality replacement, I received a pitch to review the CBD wellness products of a company called Vitagenne. Timing: perfect.

vitagenne hemp cbd oil

Let’s get real: staying sane during the Covid-19 lockdown is a serious challenge. Just trying to work from home, keep my apartment appropriately sanitized, feed myself and cope with the news can make the day-to-day routine overwhelming. I know I’m not alone in experiencing an increased need to manage anxiety and stress, and having added pain doesn’t help, so this is really the perfect opportunity to introduce you to Vitagenne. While Vitagenne makes a full line of hemp-derived CBD products, they sent me their Pure Wellness Hemp CBD Oil Supplement, so that is what I will review here, based on my experience.

The primary difference between the supplement I had been using, and the Vitagenne CBD oil, is that while the dispensary product contained a trace amount of THC (producing no ‘high’), Vitagenne contains no THC, which makes it legal to travel with anywhere in the US, even states where pot is not yet legal or decriminalized. The lack of THC also means that this product has virtually no taste or odor. This is a big plus for anyone who has an aversion to the smell or taste of supplements. Vitagenne is 99% Pure CBD Isolate combined with 1% Coconut MCT Oil, offered in three strengths; 500 mg, 1500 mg, and 3000 mg. CBD oil  is intended to be consumed sublingually — applied under the tongue and held for 60 seconds — but since it is unflavored you can also enjoy it mixed with any of your favorite beverages. I am using 1500mg strength, and find it very effect and fast-acting to alleviate my moderate, chronic joint pain. Taken at bedtime, it also helps me drift off to a sound sleep, which is so necessary in these times.

Vitagenne believes that wellness should feel natural, while supporting calmness for greater focus and a balanced state of mind. There is to need to worry if taking this product is safe. As a brand certified by the U.S. Hemp Authority, Vitagenne holds a distinguished accomplishment within the CBD industry; only 15 consumer brands have this stamp of approval out of a myriad of brands on the market. The organization provides high standards, best practices, and self-regulation that hemp-derived products are safe and legal.

Additionally, Vitagenne uses hemp sustainably farmed in Kentucky using organic practices and its products are non-GMO and allergen-free. CBD is extracted using a Natural CO2 process which leaves no residual solvents behind and at low temperatures to ensure the highest potency and quality.  Be assured, Vitagenne isn’t your gimmicky CBD brand. It provides wellness solutions that are the product of human empathy and the scientific method.

Check out the other Hemp CBD products offered by Vitagenne.

vitagenne soft gels

Total Wellness Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Softgels – For those on the go, these soft gels are easy to swallow so you can move on with your day. They form a powerful “entourage” effect, meaning their therapeutic effects are maximized.

vitagenne cbd cooling cream

Pure Relief CBD Cooling Cream – There’s often a more physical aspect in taking care of your wellness. When exercise or strenuous activity leads to aching joints and muscles, experience CBD topically with the cream that provides a moisturizing, soothing and cooling effect.

vitagenne pure sleep hemp cbd capsules

Pure Sleep Hemp CBD Capsules – Rest easy with the capsules designed to support healthy, restorative sleep patterns. CBD isolate is combined with melatonin and other natural ingredients for a good night’s sleep that restores the body and mind.

You can get  more information (they have a very helpful FAQ, and a cool blog), or shop for Vitagenne products online (with free shipping and a 30-day money back guarantee) at This Link!

About Vitagenne: Originating from the Latin words “vita” meaning life and “genne” meaning generation, the company was born in 2018 out of the desire to help others achieve wellness and combat the stresses of everyday life. The founders discovered the enormous impact hemp-derived products could have in this area to assist others in living natural lifestyles free from prescription medications. The brand is certified by the U.S. Hemp Authority, the highest level of compliance a brand can achieve and a huge accomplishment in the CBD industry. Vitagenne sources American-grown hemp and uses an all-natural CO2 extraction to provide you with the purest form of CBD.

About the U.S. Hemp Authority™ Certification Program: Administered by deeply experienced quality assurance and verification professionals who lead established food and agricultural industries, the program is designed to specifically educate hemp farmers and hemp finished product producers in FDA Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) and Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) such that consistent quality is assured and violations are avoided. Hemp growers and processors who comply with the U.S. Hemp Authority Guidance Program, and verified by a 3rd party audit, will be authorized to use the U.S. Hemp Authority™ “Certified” Seal in their advertising, marketing, and product labeling.


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