Elon Musk as Buzz Lightyear

elon musk by degruppo photo by gail worley
Space Cadet (Art By DeGrupo, Photo By Gail)

I just heard or read (who can even remember) that Elon Musk is all of a sudden the richest man in the world, but that will probably change by the time this posts. Because that is what happens. I spotted this paste-up of the Tesla creator / general psycho as Fictional Action Figure Buzz Lightyear on a boarded-up menswear store as I walked up Broadway toward the Flatiron Building. The quote, “Dream Until It’s Your Reality” is a new tag that I see all over the city now. Life is strange.

Update! See how this image changed just few days after the post went live, after the jump!

Just a few days after this post went live, I walked by the piece and someone had vandalize the image of Musk’s face by scribbling it out with a black Sharpie. One day later, I passed by again and the obliterated face had been covered with his paste up of Skeletor from Masters of The Universe. Rumor has it that the remedial collaboration was completed by Bastardbot. Sweet.

bastardbot degrupo mash up photo by gail worley

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