Discover Modern Photography Inspired by The ’90s with Photential’s Three-Part Presentation, The Nineties Project

Morgan Maher_Nice Posture_January 2021_Polaroid photo & collection of childhood earrings_4.2 inches x 3.5 inches, edition 1_1
Morgan Maher, Nice Posture (January 2021) Polaroid Photo and Collection of Childhood Earrings  (All Images Courtesy of Photential)

Photential is a bold global art platform whose DNA is to create an alternative and exciting way for photographers and multimedia artists to present their work to audiences worldwide.  Starting February 4th, Photential is pleased to present ​The Nineties Project​, a three-part presentation featuring photographic work inspired by the culture-defining era of the ‘90s. The foundation for what we know as ‘cool’ today, this was the decade that gave us the rave scene, Chlo​ë Sevigny, super models and Meisel covers for ​Vogue Italia​. The 90’s were also the birthplace of the digital age, paving way for the technological revolution and giving rise to the modern day social media influencer. ​

image by louis chevalier
Image by Louis Chevalier

The Nineties Project will explore the history and nostalgia of this iconic decade and its impact on art, culture and fashion in three parts. The headlining exhibition will feature original photographs by thirteen ‘90s kids’ whose work will be accompanied by six curated features by Photential’s advisory board as well as a fashion collaboration. Beginning on February 4, 2021, Photential will release one aspect of the initiative every week until March 2021 on the platform, ​​.

Lindsay Ellary_Henry Water Prints
Image By Lindsay Ellary

image by louis chevalier
Image by Louis Chevalier

The Nineties Project i​s part of Photential’s ​Project Series,​ which focuses on artist and creative collaborations. Premiering on February 4th​, C​reative Director Sonya Kvasha, known for her work with ​Vogue Ukraine,​ will introduce a tightly-curated selection of works by thirteen artists born between ’90 and ’99. The group is international, hailing from Mexico to Israel to Jamaica.

toaster self portrait by franco klein
Toaster Self Portrait (2016) by Franco Klein

Every Monday from February 11th – March 11th, solo collaborations with each of Photential’s advisory committee members will launch on the platform. The group will exhibit individual presentations giving viewers access to an expansive visual history of the era.

image by danil kotliar
Image by Danil Kotliar

The Nineties Project i​s a fashion collaboration which will introduce a limited edition ready-to-wear item with visuals by Arnold Veber, an emerging nightlife photographer from Moscow. The collectible collab will mirror Verber’s raw aesthetic and will investigate the 90s nostalgia preeminent in today’s fashion industry. Details on the fashion project for ​The Nineties Project are forthcoming, for updates please visit This Link.

image by luca khouri
Image By Luca Khouri

image by malick bodian
Image By Malick Bodian

The 1990s weren’t just about Cobain, Moss and Jobs, but they were an era of self-discovery, tolerance and unpretentious sensibilities. As we enter another new year of advancement, Photential asks, ‘how can we use the stories and emotions in photography to capture what made the 90s so remarkably timeless?’Additional details on ​The Nineties Project are available at This Link.

franco klein yellow tiles self portrait 2017
Franco Klein, Yellow Tiles (Self Portrait) (2017)

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