Reccomended Reading: Alice Cooper in the 70s: Decades By Chris Sutton

Alice Cooper in the 70s Book

In September of 1970 the band called Alice Cooper had been living out of their suitcases for a year; playing gigs across the country nonstop since leaving California in 1969. Choosing to put down roots in just outside of Detroit, in the center of the Midwest rust belt, proved to be one of the best decisions the band ever made, both creatively and financially. With two commercially unsuccessful albums behind them, Michael Bruce, Glen Buxton, Vince Furnier (aka Alice Cooper), Dennis Dunaway and Neal Smith were at the threshold of turning their music into Gold and Platinum for the first time. In the dawn of a decade bookended by The Beatles and Punk Rock, Alice Cooper exploded as a revolutionary force in theatrical American Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Alice Cooper in the 1970s: Decades, a new book by UK-based author Chris Sutton explores the story of Alice Cooper  from their early years as band of five guys through to the end of the decade, when Alice launched a solo career after the band dissolved.

A roller‐coaster ride of classic albums and singles, the songs recorded in the ’70s by the original band still dominate the singer’s live sets to this day. Sutton’s book features new interviews with key figures including surviving bands members Michael Bruce, Dennis Dunaway and Neal Smith, and their hired gun Mick Mashbir.  Ernie Cefalu, whose company Pacific Eye and Ear designed iconic sleeves for the classic band albums Billion Dollar Babies, Muscle of Love, and Alice Coopers Greatest Hits, also adds his thoughts. Several other musicians, concert promoters and even the band’s first roadie have also contributed.

Neal Smith, Drummer in the original band and Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall Of Fame inductee offered the follow insight:

Chris Sutton’s book, Alice Cooper In The 70s, makes the adventures of the band called Alice Cooper come alive; highlighting stories told by the four surviving members of the original band. Fasten your seat belts and enjoy the journey of the wildest band in Rock n’ Roll history!”

All of the albums and singles, from “Don’t Blow Your Mind” by The Spiders  (an early version of the band featuring Vince, Dennis and Glen) through “From The Inside” are examined in detail, along with related archive releases and songs that didn’t make the final cut. In the course of putting the book together, new information came to light that will be of huge interest to hardened collectors and new fans alike, making this book an essential guide to Alice Cooper in the decade that they helped to define.

Author Chris Sutton has been a fan of Alice Cooper since the band’s famous 1972  debut appearance on Top Of The Pops, and he counts seeing the reunion of the original band for their UK tour in 2017 among one of his happiest memories. Sutton manages Smethwick Heritage Centre Museum and has written several publications for them. He has also written several plays. Alice Cooper In The 1970s is his first venture into music writing.

Alice Cooper in the 1970s: Decades will be released in Paperback on May 28th, 2021. You can preorder the book from Amazon (list price: $21.95) at This Link!

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