Pink Thing of The Day: Rubbish Monster

rubbish monster
Photos By Gail

Grrrr! We collected so many awesome and unusual Pink Things for this space at the recent NY Now show, but one of our most charming finds is this Pink Rubbish Monster, which is part of the  Kruselings line of fantasy dolls for young girls.

rubbish monster photo by gail worley

From the Website:

“Don’t be deceived by his devillish looks – the Kruseling Rubbish Monster is terribly adorable and snuggly with many different textures on his hessian coat and gorgeous pink fluffy body. This monster is calling out to be loved.” Hilarious.

rubbish monster photo by gail worley

Spotted in the booth for Uniche Collective, a specially curated collection of unique and niche brand toys under the parent company Hape.

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