In Celebration of 4/20: Ten Rad Art Bongs!

trapped by coyle photo by gail worley
Trapped By Coyle (All Photos By Gail)

In January of 2015, I was invited to an art show  billed as an exhibit of “Functional Art Glass.” It turned out to be a show of amazing glass bongs, water pipes and other smoking paraphernalia,  hosted by the online headshop  1 Percent. Tommy Chong was even there! While digging around for a pot-related image in my photo archives, because 4/20, I uncovered my stash of pix from that evening, so I am dusting them off here where you can enjoy them  again, or for the first time,  depending on how long you have been reading this blog.

high class bong photo by gail worley

Do you like to think about milking cows while you get high? If so, then you might like High Class, a collaboration from glassblowers MTP and Jake Vincent.

red mini tube by mike raman photo by gail worley

This Red Mini Tube by Mike Raman features an OM symbol on the front.

flower tube bong photo by gail worley

The perfect bong for spring, this Flower Tube is by Frit and Hodouken.

williamsburg hipster bong photo by gail worley

Williamsburg Hipster by Slinger and Germ.

stand up pidgeon pipe photo by gail worley

Stand Up Pidgeon by Just Another Glass Blower.

grateful to be american photo by gail worley

Grateful to Be American by Slinger and E.F. Norris.

pink chicken by jop and slinger photo by gail worley

Because every post needs a pink thing, we must include Pink Chicken by JOP and Slinger.

black doll by jop photo by gail worley

I got yer nightmare fuel right here: Black Doll is another creepy creation from JOP.

mismatched mini tube by mtp photo by gail worley

And last but not least we present this appropriately named Mismatched Mini Tube, created by MTP from random discarded glass pieces. It even includes an embedded opal. wishes everyone a high Holiday!

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