The Affordable Art Fair Returns for Spring 2021!

blush by greg creason photo by gail worley
Blush By Greg Creason, $1650 at Creason’s Fine Art Galleries  (All Photos By Gail)

A sure sign that the vaccine rollout is working — and Covid is finally on the wane —  was the in-person return of the semi-annual Affordable Art Fair, which arrived  at NYC’s Metropolitan Pavilion on May 20th for four fun days of art and socializing, at long last!

booth display emmanuel freemin gallery photo by gail worley
Art By Inkyeong Baek (Left, Center) and Ardan Ozmenoglu (Right) at Fremin Gallery, NYC

While the Fair has been restaged to allow for better traffic flow and social distancing –which means many of our favorite vendors were absent (Tag Fine Arts, you were missed) — there was still lots of cool art to see,  familiar faces and new exhibitors whose artworks we are excited to bring you in this post. Let’s take a look at the triumphant return of the Affordable Art Fair!

toyin loye stacked heroes photo by gail worley

Chiefs & Spirits (The Hague, Netherlands) was back to add to the international feel of the fair. African artist Toyin Loye created this sculpture, Stacked Heroes ($3,000)  which is made of yellow glazed porcelain.  The kids I saw  really seemed to like this one, and I think you can see why.

toyin loye stacked heroes detail photo by gail worley

art by shares surreal photo by gail worley

You know how partial I am to pink, so I had to include this collection of small watercolors by Sharese Suriel at Phantom Brick Gallery of New Jersey.

the crest by matt mele photo by gail worley

The Crest ($425) by Matt Mele  at Treat Gallery really captures a summer mood.

one cassandra zampini photo by gail worley
One By Cassandra Zampini ($500)

domingo comms brooklyn photo by gail worley

Social distancing guidelines in-place meant that many galleries enjoyed expanded real estate for their booths. This space belongs to Domingo Comms, a Brooklyn-based company that offers a range of interior design services, communications management for artists and organizations, as well as an online art gallery. The art in their booth is by Francisco Donoso.

domingo comms booth photo by gail worley

 sunny day by yelena lezhen photo by gail worley

I love this painting by Yelena Lezhen, Sunny Day in Central Park ($3,000) at Manifest Destiny Art. Check out a detail shot, below.

sunny day in central park detail photo by gail worley


cabeza head photo by gail worley

Artist Nicolas Leiva makes his Cabeza – Head sculptures ($4250) from underglazed ceramic. Find them at JCamejo Art, New York.

lilac gallery booth photo by gail worley

It’s always a pleasure to see our friends at NYC’s  Lilac Gallery at the fair. They specialize in vibrant pop art — great for any decor!

axiom gallery booth photo by gail worley

Axiom Contemporary of Scottsdale represents artists whose work focuses on pop culture, music and media.

rock 60s 70s by max steven grossman photo by gail worley

You can build a virtual media-library instantly with the work of Max-Steven Grossman, whose photo compilations, like Rock 60s & 70s BC are given a glossy lucite finish. This piece sells for $9,000.

david bowie by jakob reh photo by gail worley

This gorgeous portrait of David Bowie is by German artist Jakob Reh and was spotted in the booth for (also German) Galerie Makowski. That’s also where we were introduced to the work of Vaintsy, who created this collage of the Mona Lisa’s image juxtaposed with luxury brand logos set in a colorful, paint-splattered frame — very fun!

art by vaintsy photo by gail worley

art by jazz photo by gail worley

The above abstract paintings by an artist known as JAZZ remind me of the work of George Condo. These are priced at $550 for the one in the top left corner and $1250 for all others, at NY-based Gugsa Black Arts Collective.

artist loraine lynn interviewed photo by gail worley

Artist Loraine Lynn is interviewed about her very fun tufted yarn wall-hangings, found at River House Arts of Toledo.

rug hands by mary finlayson photo by gail worley

Other yarn works at the fair include these hand rugs by Mary Finlayson. They sell for $4200.

betsy enzensberger pops photo by gail worley

One of my favorite artists whose work I was first introduced to at the Affordable Art Fair is Palm Springs-based sculptress, Betsy Enzensberger. Betsy is known for her mind-blowing sculptures of fantasy frozen pops like the ones seen in the above photo. These pieces are quite reasonably priced at $300 each. Betsy is currently being represented by Treat Gallery.

treat gallery lady in pink dress photo by gail worley

It was also in the Treat Gallery booth that we spotted this lovely lady who is absolutely rocking a Pink and Black Striped Dress which turned out to be a Christopher John Rogers for Target! She looks amazing.

art by jj galloway photo by gail worley

JJ Galloway is an artist who paints photo-realistic portraits of animals, food, and animals with food. She also makes very cool wooden sculptures of pigeons, which you can see in the above photo. Her work is lots of fun and very affordable!

art by jj galloway photo by gail worley

Visit her website at This Link!

nayla kai saroufim photo by gail worley
Storytelling Blablala ($1950) By Nayla Kai Saroufim at Azart Gallery

Okay, that wraps up this recap and we are hoping to be attending another Affordable Art Fair in the fall!

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