The Benefits of CBD For Children

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Many people aren’t sure how safe CBD is, or how well it works, especially when it comes to administering it to children. So far, there is only one drug made from marijuana that the Food and Drug Administration has approved; Epidiolex, which is used to treat patients 2 years and older who suffer from a very rare form of epilepsy.

What is CBD?

CBD, which stands for cannabidiol, is a substance that can be found in hemp or marijuana, and can be made from either. CBD comes in many different forms, from liquid (or tinctures) to gummy candy. It’s become very popular as a treatment for a variety of ailments, including some pertaining to children.

How Does It Help?

The anti-anxiety CBD Gummies UK have become famous as a top treatment for a lot of different things, including a few that happen to kids, which is why it is currently quite popular. It’s said to help people with sleep problems, anxiety and even help kids who have epilepsy. Here’s what you need to know about it before giving it to your child.

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Is all CBD the same?

The market is full of tinctures and CBD oils, but these all include the same substance. Currently, the FDA doesn’t regulate CBD products in the same way they regulate other dietary supplements or drugs. This means that the quality, and amount, of CBD in any product can depend on its source. Even bottles from the same manufacturer can also contain varying doses of CBD.

Is It a Cure-All?

Be careful of anything promoting itself as a cure-all, because those claims are false. People should be careful when they use CBD because it is still a drug that can cause side effects. However, it could help with seizures, nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy. People who use CBD to treat epilepsy are the ones who have done the best research on this drug. People who use CBD to treat various other conditions have mostly relied on reports from other users.

CBD and Hemp Seed Oil

CBD oil is made from hemp leaves, flowers and stalks while hemp seed oil is made only from the seeds. The omega fatty acids in hemp seed oil are good for your child’s health, but it has only trace amounts of CBD, which means it won’t have the same effects as CBD oil on your child.

CBD: What Are The Side Effects?

Most of the things we eat and drink can have side effects or become toxic when consumed to excess. CBD oil could be similarly harmful if taken in excess, so you should be careful. CBD oil may also affect your child’s liver function, and interact with other medications. This is important information to have if your child is taking supplements that contain a grapefruit warning, as both interfere with enzymes required for drug metabolism.

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Is CBD Safe for Children?

CBD products on the market are not recommended for use by children, as there is no proof that they are safe or effective. As previously mentioned, the FDA has only approved one CBD product, a prescription drug called Epidiolex, that treats seizures caused by certain types of epilepsy, and it is only approved for people who are 2 years or older. Epidiolex has been the subject of clinical trials, but there are known risks and side effects. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Tiredness
  • Increase in suicidal thoughts
  • Sleepiness
  • Malaise
  • Decreased appetite
  • Sleep disorders
  • Elevated liver enzymes

Nevertheless, the drug has been proven to be effective at cutting down on seizures.

CBD’s long-term effects are unknown. CBD oil has not been thoroughly studied in clinical trials for treatment of issues like ADHD.


From personal experience, many parents will say that CBD has been beneficial for their children, but when it comes to your child, be cautious. Discuss any new supplements or medications with your child’s doctor, first.

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