The Gemini Man or Woman – How to Find Your Life Path Number

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Geminis are a unique breed. While they maintain a cool, extroverted exterior, they balance their impulses and indecisiveness. This contrast may make them confusing to others, but it’s the key to their  dual nature and flexibility. You can learn more about what are Geminis like — their characteristics and their preferences– by reading a lot about them on astrological websites. If you or your loved one is a Gemini, you can also book a professional reading to get a better understanding of your personality traits.

While Gemini men and women are obviously different, they share this dual nature as well as close life path numbers. How can your life path number provide insight into your life and its future? Without any context, this number may be difficult to understand, but a life path psychic can help you navigate its meaning and its relevance to your life. Such guidance offers a valuable complement to other tools like your horoscope or tarot card readings.

Follow the Formula

So, how exactly do you calculate your life path number? The process isn’t as esoteric as you might imagine. In fact, there’s a simple formula you can use to find the right number. In order to calculate your life path number, you should add together all of the digits in your birthdate — for example, November 11, 1992 would be 3 — but exclude 11 and 22. Your calculation should reduce the number to a single digit. To accomplish this, you simply add all numbers together until the number is reached.

What can your life path number tell you about yourself? If you’ve discovered that your life path number is three, this indicates that you are creative, outgoing, humorous, and socially suave. You may be a good fit for a career in fields such as therapy, traveling, teaching, or writing. A Gemini will most often encounter a life path number of five, which reveals that they are versatile and resourceful. Good career options include event management, consulting, journalism, or teaching.

Reveal Your Gemini Identity

If you read your Gemini horoscope tomorrow, you might fight some useful predictions about your career, health, and relationships. In order to fully leverage these predictions, though, you need to understand yourself. When you read a Gemini daily horoscope in addition to your life path number, you can gain a better understanding of your strengths — and your weaknesses, too. The better you are able to understand yourself, the more effectively you can reach your goals. Remember that a lack of introspection is the only obstacle standing between you and the life that you want.

In order to reach your goals and manifest your dreams, you need to reveal your true Gemini identity — both sides of it. Your dual nature allows you to mask your weaknesses well, but as you reach towards bigger goals, it’s vital that you confront those weaknesses head-on. Your friends and family might not see the flaws you hide, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Use all of the tools at your disposal —  including your horoscope, life path number, and tarot readings — to discover the infinite possibilities of your Gemini identity.

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